News Clips for Nov. 6, 2018

Remains of Utah mayor, killed on Guard duty in Afghanistan, to arrive in US

The remains of a National Guard soldier and Utah mayor killed in Afghanistan over the weekend are expected to arrive in the United States on Tuesday, according to the Department of Defense. Maj. Brent R. Taylor, 39, who was killed during an insider attack in Kabul on Saturday, was the mayor of North Ogden, a husband, and a father to seven young children.

The Soros conspiracy theory goes global

Robert Goldberg, a professor at the University of Utah and author of a book about the US conspiracy culture, said while it was not new for a wealthy Jewish banker to be a scapegoat for fringe extremists, conspiracy theories were now being disseminated faster in the age of social media. “I think this has really reached the mainstream,” he said. “Conspiracy theories have become normal.”

Commentary: We must not be victimized by the silence of the culture

"The day of Lauren’s death, I arrived in Seattle to recruit for the University of Utah. I spent that night reassuring terrified high school students that their siblings would be OK, advising freshmen students to stay inside until we got more information, trying to keep my tone steady. I listened to quiet sobs of older students who had lived this nightmare just one year earlier, hiding in darkened rooms, remembering when a man who killed their classmate had fled into the darkness of the foothills."

Jeff Payne, officer fired after arresting Utah nurse Alex Wubbels, speaks exclusively to Fox 13

Just over a year ago, Jeff Payne became instantly infamous when body camera footage of him arresting University of Utah nurse, Alex Wubbels, turned into a viral sensation. “People think I just walked in and lost it,” said Payne. However, to really understand it, we need to start with dash cam video of a fiery crash in Cache County.

Former Detective Jeff Payne isn’t sorry for arresting Alex Wubbels and he plans to sue for $1.5 million

You’ve likely seen the video. A Salt Lake City detective wrestling a screaming nurse out of the University of Utah emergency room more than a year ago. And you may know he lost his job over the incident. But you haven’t heard what Detective Jeff Payne has to say about his confrontation with nurse Alex Wubbels, which made headlines around the world. He wants you to know that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong and he isn’t sorry. He’s planning to sue the city for $1.5 million and he criticizes the police chief, who he thinks should have defended him.

America Is No Longer Attracting The Top Minds In Physics

Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, America emerged at the pre-eminent place to be for physics research in the world. Of the 209 people to ever win the Nobel Prize in Physics, a whopping 93 of them claimed United States citizenship: triple that of Germany, the next-closest country. This was reflected not only at the highest levels of prestige and accomplishment in research, but also in education.