News Clips for Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2019


Do you trust Amazon with your life? You might have to, because the big tech companies of Silicon Valley are looking to do for medicine what they've already done for retail, publishing, finance and other sectors of modern life: they want to bring on another digital revolution. What could go wrong?

Letter: Defense of the University of Utah’s actions doesn’t sit well

I usually enjoy and agree with Don Gale’s commentary. And while I agree that there are many factors which contributed to the three University of Utah student deaths in the last two years, his defense of the university’s actions in the McCluskey case doesn’t sit well.

Guest opinion: Giving Utah mothers a chance

In Utah, a vulnerable population is being overlooked in the current opioid epidemic: new mothers. The University of Utah Health conducted a recent study that found drug-induced death to be the leading cause of pregnancy-associated death. Pregnancy-associated death is defined as the death of a woman during pregnancy or one year after childbirth. Postpartum is a difficult period for mothers and 15% experience postpartum depression.

911 is a public service but is less accessible for members of diverse communities

For many, 911 is a service often taken for granted. It provides a sense of stability that if an emergency occurs; there will always be a calm voice at the end of the line to ease your fears and send help quickly. However, this is not always a reality for members of diverse communities, who can be hesitant about the repercussions of calling 911 or confused about when and how to use this service.

Could Hibernation Combat Obesity?

Hibernation is a natural mechanism of animals who live in the wild that helps them to survive through the oft unforgiving cold of the winter months. But while this behavior is not something that we often attribute to human behavior, it might actually possess an interesting benefit to those with metabolic disorders.

Mattel Creates ‘Treetop Barbie’ Based on Indian American Forest Ecologist Nalini Nadkarni

University of Utah Prof. Nalini Nadkarni has long wanted girls to have a Barbie doll that represented a career like hers, or at least one that wore rubber boots and carried a climbing rope and helmet. Now, the Indian American forest ecologist has finally got her own from Mattel, the makers of the iconic toy.

LA Times questions Bay Area tiki cocktail cultural appropriation

The Los Angeles Times has a bone to pick with mai tais. The tiki cocktail movement birthed in the Bay Area in the 1930s came under fire last week for its appropriation of Pacific Islander culture. The Times article written by John Birdsall opens with a scene at Emeryville’s Trader Vic’s in which the writer takes issue with the vintage iconography that forms much of the backbone of the bar’s identity.

How to Get a Strong Law School Recommendation

A law school letter of recommendation is only one component of a J.D. application. There are many other factors in the law school admissions process that have nothing to do with recommendation letters, such as academic transcripts, personal statements, resumes and law school entrance exam results.

How Spencer Cox plans to navigate tricky dual roles as candidate, elections czar

No one would argue it took a heck of a lot of finesse for tiny David to take down Goliath in an event the Bible details as a turning point on the young man’s journey to becoming the eventual king of Israel.