News Clips for Nov. 21, 2019

Personal loans are ‘growing like a weed,’ a potential warning sign for the U.S. economy

Americans are hungry for personal loans that they can use as quick cash to pay for anything from vacations to credit card debt, a potential red flag for the economy.

New dental clinic helps those in need

Students are three times more likely to miss school due to dental needs. The Salt Lake City School District now has a solution for students near the Liberty Community Learning Center. This new dental clinic may look like just any other dental clinic, but this was built for a very special purpose. Also on KUTV.

Guest opinion: A new University of Utah honor exhibits the excellence of Utah education

The University of Utah was invited to join the Association of American Universities this month after an evaluation of its qualities, including the strength and impact of its research, its distinction in graduate education programs and its excellence in undergraduate education.

Doctors treating deadly lung disease face a problem: Some patients lie about vaping

There are two people you should never lie to, Dr. Michael Plisco tells patients, your lawyer and your doctor. The critical-care pulmonologist at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis thinks a patient’s lie may have cost his life when he turned up at the hospital after months of feeling ill. By the time Plisco saw man, who was in his 40s, his lungs were so stiff they couldn’t push any fluid out, putting him at risk of cardiac arrest.

Isn't This Familiar?

A few years ago, when thinking how to incorporate classical music to appeal to the masses, Repertory Dance Theatre's artistic director Linda Smith and composer Scott Killian developed a concept to spark the imaginations of local choreographers. The resulting celebration of vintage music combined with innovative dance interpretations has now become RDT's latest production, Sounds Familiar.

Letter to the Editor: Pregnancy is not a disease

It is a marvel that one can walk around the great campus of Tulane University and rarely encounter a pregnant student. Out of the 14,062 undergraduates, graduates and professionals on Tulane’s campus, I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen a pregnant student.

What more can Utah colleges do to protect students since McCluskey death?

A state senator says she still has questions about what colleges and universities are doing to enhance campus safety since the murder of University of Utah track athlete Lauren McCluskey.

Project to test potential for geothermal energy

Heat in the ground offers a widespread source of energy that could be used to generate electricity, according to a scientist involved in a research project in Utah. “There are challenges. But there are real opportunities here,” said John McLennan, an associate professor of chemical engineering at the Energy & Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah.

'You can't run us over': Suspected bike thief outraged she was smashed by a cop car

A woman being chased by police last July ended up pinned under the officer’s car. That woman, Brianna Ferriman, is telling her story exclusively to Get Gephardt.