News Clips for Nov. 15, 2019

University of Utah professor known as 'TreeTop Barbie' advised new STEM-positive doll line

Last year, the National Geographic Society reached out to Nalini Nadkarni for her input on a new line of Barbie dolls. One year later, there's a line of four STEM-positive Barbies dolls on the market.

Kronk Warner Embodies Historic Firsts at University of Utah’s Law School

Elizabeth A. Kronk Warner recently made history when she became the ­first woman and ­first Native American selected as dean of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at The University of Utah. Still, she readily admits that she wrestles with imposter syndrome.

A new species of ant is found in the backyard of one of the world's leading insect experts - after he spent decades scouring the globe for rare species

An insect specialist who spends his career travelling the planet in search of new species of ants discovered one in an unexpected location - his own back garden. Professor Jack Longino has been hunting for ants in countries including Mexico, Colombia, Guyana, Borneo, Australia, Mozambique and Uganda for decades.

With some flu shot supplies running low, doctors advise to get yours before the holidays

Doctors are advising those who hasn't gotten their flu shots already to do it now—before the holidays.