News Clips for Nov. 14, 2019

Natural History Museum of Utah digs into the vaults for ‘Behind the Scenes’ event

In 1871, someone picked up the skull and horn of a musk ox from the ground near the corner of State Street and North Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.

In a Twist of Fate, Ant Expert Discovers Distinct New Species in His Own Backyard

Jack Longino is a global ant expert and has traveled the world documenting and discovering ant species. But for his latest discovery, he didn’t need to go any farther than his own backyard. In August 2018, just after dark, Longino caught a glimpse of four ants in his garden that really looked out of place. The next day he dug deeper and found more specimens. They reminded him of species he knew from the tropics or from the deciduous forests of the eastern U.S. Also in Noticias de la Ciencia and Scientific Russia.

University of Utah students closely watching impeachment hearings

The Hinckley Institute of Politics at The University of Utah says Utahns will be paying close attention to these public hearings.

Researcher: Geothermal taking off as power source

Geothermal power is a small, but growing movement in the energy sector, and work coming out of central Utah could play a big role in just how big it becomes. New research in Milford, Utah led by the University of Utah will study geothermal reservoirs. The university received $140 million from the U.S. Department of Energy for the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) site.

Utah doctors can recommend medical cannabis, but patients struggle to find those willing to

Leah McClellan is on hospice. The 8-year-old girl is diagnosed with a rare condition called SCN8A. "Bottom line? It’s a complicated neurological disorder and as a result she has several failures in her body. She’s in a lot of pain often," said her father, Chad McClellan.

A new comprehensive option to support dietary and lifestyle changes

The goal of the University of Utah Health’s Weight Management Program is to treat all over-weight and obesity conditions. If a practitioner has a patient who needs to lose weight, he or she can be referred to get physician supervised care and treatment of weight related medical problems.