News Clips for Nov. 13, 2019

Ant Expert Discovers New Utah Species In Backyard

It was a warm August evening in 2018 when Jack Longino spotted something unusual in his backyard. “I noticed right there these four tiny little ants that I knew just did not belong here,” Longino said. As a biology professor at the University of Utah and an entomologist, Longino is trained to spot new species. He said just by looking at these ants he knew they were the first of their kind in the state. Also in, TekCrispy,, Notizie scientifiche .

IRS Pursues Criminal Cases on Land-Tax Donation Deals

The Internal Revenue Service is pursuing criminal cases surrounding land-conservation deals that have emerged as a focus of the agency’s enforcement efforts, the tax agency said on Tuesday. The involvement of IRS criminal investigators marks the latest expansion of the tax agency’s yearslong attempts to curb so-called syndicated conservation easements.

Robert Gehrke: For the University of Utah to come to terms with Lauren McCluskey’s killing, President Ruth Watkins has to step up

Last week was, by most measures, a banner celebration for the University of Utah. The school announced a landmark scholarship program, promising full tuition to low-income freshmen with at least at 3.2 GPA, which will put a college education in reach for thousands.

A tech company in Utah uses your eyes to see if you're lying

Cutting-edge technology just might be able to read your mind. Converus, based out of Lehi, Utah, has developed a product called Eye Detect. The company claims it is one of the most accurate credibility assessments or lie detector tests on the market. “We are 86 to 90 percent accurate,” said Todd Mickelsen, the president and CEO of Converus. The science for the test was developed at the University of Utah. Converus used that technology to create Eye Detect.

U of U’s Dream Center provides support for DACA recipients on day of SCOTUS hearing

DACA recipients from around the country traveled to Washington D.C. to rally for their right to work and live in the United States on the day that the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the program’s future. But for those that stayed behind and waited anxiously for updates, staff members at the University of Utah’s Dream Center provided support and resources to help alleviate their nerves and fears.

Flu season might be starting early, but it’s not too late to get immunized

Fall weather might have descended in Utah late, but the flu virus is striking early. “Influenza is notoriously tricky. It’s a hard one for us to predict. It can sort of show up at any point during the respiratory season. But it looks like it’s starting to trickle in a little bit earlier this year than it has in years past,” said Dr. Per Gesteland, with University of Utah Health and Primary Children’s Hospital.

One- third of reproductive age women have health conditions that may complicate pregnancy

One in three women of reproductive age have at least one chronic condition that could compromise their health or lead to adverse outcomes during pregnancy, according to University of Utah Health scientists.