News Clips for May 9-11, 2020

7 questions about Covid-19 testing and what it means for reopening the country

Pressure to perform widespread Covid-19 testing is growing as public health experts and ordinary citizens question the safety of reopening schools and businesses across the U.S. without better information about who is infected and at risk of spreading the virus. That is only adding to the strain on the nation’s testing capacity, and raising questions about who should get priority.

The wait for a death, or a recovery, from 760 miles away

A mother in Portland, Ore., thought she was most at risk for the coronavirus. Her fears became real for her adult son in Utah—and all she could do was stand by for word.

Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders Confront High Rates Of COVID-19 In Many States

In many Western states, as well as Arkansas which has a large Marshallese population, these communities have virus rates that far exceed their share of the population.

Unsung hero: For starters, nobody is better than track and field official Jerry Collet

On your marks. Set. Bang! If you’ve heard those sounds at a track and field meet in Utah, there’s a high probability they came from Gerard “Jerry” Collet or somebody who’s been trained by the well-respected head starter.

University of Utah engineer hopes to develop a portable sensor for COVID-19 testing

Testing for coronavirus could become available for anyone with a smartphone if research being conducted at the University of Utah is successful.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Quarantine Film Festival: 29 films about isolation, hand-washing and having a laugh

What do filmmakers, in Utah and around the world, need to say about life during the coronavirus pandemic? Some want to talk about themselves, or to educate others. But a good number of submissions to The Salt Lake Tribune’s first (and, heaven help us, last) Quarantine Film Festival had the goal of making people laugh, or at least smile.

Racial minority legislators launch testing effort in underserved communities

5 more die with COVID-19 in Utah; cases surpass 6,000

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is preaching unity for 2020 season, but will the league get left behind?

In a perfect college football world amid imperfect conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting everything, Power Five commissioners would come to an agreement on how to operate.

Mystery Inflammatory Syndrome In Kids And Teens Likely Linked To COVID-19

Sixty-four children and teens in New York State are suspected of having a mysterious inflammatory syndrome that is believed to be linked to COVID-19, the New York Department of Health said in an alert issued Wednesday. A growing number of similar cases—including at least one death—have been reported in other parts of the U.S. and Europe, though the phenomenon is still not well-understood.

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month In Summit County

Summit and Park City officials adopted a resolution to make May a month of mental health awareness. Especially in this time of COVID-19, the uncertainty causes increased depression, anxiety, and fear.

Coronavirus found in patients’ semen in Chinese study co-written by Utah doctor

The virus that causes COVID-19 can be found in semen, Chinese researchers report in a small study that doesn’t address whether sexual transmission is possible.

Fast-growing Western cities face megadrought

Eleven states and northern Mexico will likely experience a drought more severe than any since the 1500s.

Utah data reveals how people catch COVID-19, how many are in the hospital and more

Utah’s Department of Health deserves some credit. Look, the state’s response to the coronavirus hasn’t been perfect. has been the source of additional testing but also some significant inconsistencies—and somehow went from a private project to being funded by the state in a hurry.

COVID-19 testing event for underserved communities takes place at Utah State Fairpark

The Utah Legislative Ethnic and Racial Minority Caucus, Utah Department of Health Office of Health Disparities, University of Utah Health and multiple other agencies and people put together a COVID-19 testing event geared toward underserved communities at the Utah State Fairpark Saturday afternoon.

8 industries hiring over 1,000 interns right now

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on summer 2020 internships. More than one in two internship openings on jobs website Glassdoor have been closed or taken down since the coronavirus crisis began in the US. As of April 13, the number of internship opportunities has dropped 52% to 30,806.