News Clips for May 8, 2020

Utah Museum of Fine Arts sends 1,500 ‘art kits’ to help students finish their school projects

In a normal time, when a global pandemic hasn’t shut down schools and cultural venues, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts would have hundreds of schoolchildren visiting on field trips, admiring its art and learning the stories behind each work.

Pandemic proves Justice Thomas does have something to say

This week’s telephonic oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court are widely recognized as history-making — the first time the Court heard cases by phone, the first time the justices participated remotely and the first time arguments were streamed live.

University of Utah professor working on portable coronavirus sensor that provides quick results

University of Utah electrical and computer engineering professor Massood Tabib-Azar received a $200,000 National Science Foundation Rapid Response grant to construct a portable, reusable coronavirus sensor, according to Vince Horiuchi, Public Relations Associate, College of Engineering.

Utah economists expect a tough summer before a winter recovery, as 9,000 more file for unemployment

Another 9,057 Utahns filed for unemployment last week, the lowest figure since mid-March when the pandemic really began roiling the economy but still high in historic terms.

Utah freeway traffic returns to near-normal as coronavirus restrictions ease

Freeway traffic has returned to near-normal level in many areas — but not all — this past week as Utah loosened coronavirus restrictions to allow more businesses to open.

Yes, COVID-19 is mutating, here's what you need to know

As the virus that causes COVID-19 traveled out of China and proliferated across the globe, it developed small mutations that accumulated into distinct versions of the virus. Scientists can now tell these versions apart by peering into the viral genome.

Rare Syndrome That Could Be Related To COVID-19 Found In Utah Child

As the novel coronavirus emerged, it appeared to be sparing children. Within the last 24 hours, there have been reports about seriously ill children in New York and Europe, with troubling symptoms that appear related to COVID-19.

University of Utah terminates its contract with Banjo

The University of Utah will officially stop doing business with Banjo by the end of the month. In a letter sent to the surveillance company, the U.'s chief safety officer demanded the return of all documents and data sent to Banjo.