News Clips for May 7, 2019

One Risk Factor for Hate Crimes: A Shortage of Women

Researchers find more anti-immigrant violence in areas where dating competition is tough. It’s a challenge for integration plans.

Geologists Recorded 'A Lot Of Movement' In Yellowstone Volcano But No Danger Of Eruption Yet

Like clockwork, rumors of an upcoming eruption in Yellowstone National Park have started to pop up in time for spring. In April, the U.S. Geological Survey reported swarms of earthquakes in the area. Some have taken this to mean that the supervolcano has awoken and is ready to lay waste to the entire world. However, people should not be alarmed. A major eruption likely will not happen any time soon.

Rev. France Davis urges University of Utah’s 8,465 graduates to ‘figure out how to unite us’

The Rev. France Davis, long-lasting minister of Salt Lake’s Calvary Baptist Church, tested alumni of the University of Utah Thursday to “pull down dividers that energize us and work with blocks of solidarity so we can be one.”

Washington County officials, St. George mayor say Lake Powell Pipeline is essential

Supporters of the highly controversial Lake Powell Pipeline say it's the answer to Southern Utah's rapid growth, but critics say the $2 billion price tag and environmental impact will burden residents.