News Clips for May 6, 2020

Would ‘murder hornets’ move to Utah? The jury is out

If you were hoping to frighten people, using the nickname “murder hornets” would be an effective way to do it. The insects have made their way to the shores of Washington, but, how worried should we be about them migrating to the Beehive State?

Study finds women who wear this are looked at as more trustworthy and deserve more money

One major benefit of working from home during a pandemic is that our morning routines have become less complicated as that whole getting ready to see people in the outside world has been subtracted.

Pandemic parenting: Dads assess their share of care

Are fathers stepping up during the lockdown, taking on more parenting and housework duties? We asked some American dads to tell us about how their roles have shifted.

Calls to Utah's suicide crisis line spike during pandemic - Here's how to get help

Since the COVID 19 pandemic, more Utahns are calling the suicide crisis hotline. The calls aren’t only more frequent, callers are more desperate. “Folks that are reaching out are more overwhelmed than what we saw a couple of weeks ago,” said Rachel Lucynski, Business operations manager with University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute or UNI.

Pooling Patents to Speed Virus Treatments More Logical Than Easy

As the SARS virus spread around the world in the early 2000’s, researchers agreed to pool their patent rights to help find vaccines and treatments. Only sorting out the details took so much time that the outbreak was contained before the project could be finished.

University of Utah gifted 10,000 PPP masks from China

According to officials at the University of Utah, a shipment of 10,000 masks arrived as a gift from Sichuan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau. The shipped boxes were scribed with messages of solidarity and friendship alongside a panda graphic—Sichuan’s provincial icon and a traditional symbol of peace and good luck.

New data shows how much cleaner Utah’s air is during the pandemic. Will it drive future decisions?

It’s no surprise that Wasatch Front air is cleaner in the nearly two months since the coronavirus pandemic put the brakes on most driving.

Letter: Universities owe students a refund

Generations will remember for decades how different companies and organizations responded to COVID-19. It will be forever ingrained in people’s minds the excellent actions some companies have taken, like breweries and distilleries making hand sanitizer or factories producing personal protective equipment.

Help Create ProjectProtect Masks

ProjectProtect, a partnership between University of Utah Health, Intermountain Healthcare and LDS Charities, needs your help sewing simple, medical-grade face masks for frontline healthcare workers. Their goal is to create five million masks in five weeks. Volunteers will receive a kit to assemble these simple clinical masks. Register to volunteer at

From ‘we pay’ to Utah pays: How pandemic partnership became $5 million-plus contract

What began as a pitch for a coalition of Utah’s tech companies to crowdsource funding to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic in their home state has resulted in multimillion-dollar, no-bid, taxpayer-paid contracts for those companies.

28 health system cyberattacks, data breaches so far in 2020

There have been 28 data breach incidents reported in 2020 so far, including email hacking incidents, malware attacks and unauthorized access to EHRs, according to HHS.

Study finds consensual non-monogamy in relationships is a ‘healthy’ option

Relationships that don’t strictly adhere to the idea that you should exchange sex, love and affection with one other person may be “healthy”, says a new study.

How will Utah’s construction industry rebuild in the coronavirus era? Slowly.

Utah’s construction industry has felt the initial sting of the coronavirus pandemic, which has fundamentally altered job sites. But the bigger challenge looms, as experts predict a lengthy downturn in demand for new buildings as the state’s economy sags.

Utah health leaders were at odds over anti-malarial drugs for COVID-19, emails show

Just days before a separate state office would finalize a controversial purchase of 20,000 medication packs of anti-malarial drugs for COVID-19 treatment, Utah Department of Health leaders and the Utah Medical Association were in hot water for a different issue.

U of U creating a digital pandemic collection

What are you putting in your time capsule for future generations to learn about the coronavirus pandemic that you are experiencing? The U of U wants to know so they’re creating a digital pandemic collection.

Utah should have hit pause on Banjo even before we learned of its CEO’s ties to white supremacists

Given how much information Banjo, the gigantic data-sucking company, had access to, they should have seen it coming.