News Clips for May 31, 2019

University of Utah Launches Master's Degree for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, the University of Utah announced a new master's degree designed for serious entrepreneurs. The Master of Business Creation (MBC) is a nine month program aimed at helping founders grow their businesses. This new program was made possible by a partnership with the David Eccles School of Business and the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. With resources such as scholarships, grants, mentors, and prototyping tools, the students in the MBC program are able to make their dreams a reality.

A Glow From Tree Leaves, Invisible To Humans, Can Be Used To Track Photosynthesis

Research tells us that early springs can offset the impacts of climate change. The earlier green-up makes for a longer growing season, and more carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere. But we haven’t been able to tell if spring is coming earlier for conifers in the mountains – until now.

New Research Reveals Heterogeneous - Think Jackson Pollock - Composition Of Earth's Interior

New research has brought us closer to understanding the composition of the earth’s interior – and it is less uniform than previously thought.

UnDisciplined: Science News Roundup - May 2019

This week on UnDisciplined, we're talking about artificial intelligence, great white sharks, illegal pollution, snail genes, and new rules for leaders at the National Institutes of Health.

Professor accused of ‘hostile learning environment’ for assigning male authors

‘Sexist’ business scholar reported to bias response team

Teaching teens to drive can be a nightmare for parents

Teaching teens to drive can be a nightmare for parents. It's essential that all new drivers learn correct driving habits. Craig Swapp from Craig Swapp & Associates joined us with some tips to help parents.

Andropause: What It Is and How to Treat It

"Male menopause" doesn't always need a fix. Here's how to know if your symptoms are due to changing hormones as you age.

Are We Still Feeling Effects of 1959’s Hebgen Lake Earthquake?

The massive 7.2-magnitude Hebgen Lake earthquake on August 17, 1959 is still affecting the Yellowstone National Park region, according to a team of geophysicists at the University of Utah, who say a swarm of up to 3,000 events near Maple Creek from June 2017 to June 2018 is tied to that event.

Why Multitasking is Blocking Your Path to Success

Bouncing back and forth between things isn't going to make life easier because what you're really doing is task switching, not multi-tasking

What really happened to Lauren McCluskey? The inside story of her tragic death

In a Deseret News exclusive, Lauren McCluskey's parents are speaking out about their daughter’s murder and why they believe she was failed by the institutions charged with protecting her.