News Clips for May 30, 2019

University of Utah launches Master of Business Creation for entrepreneurs

The David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah has created a Master of Business Creation, a master’s program designed for serious, full-time entrepreneurs. Story also carried on ABC4 and Utah Pulse.


KATIE GOLDEN BEGAN a symptom diary when she was first diagnosed with chronic migraines eight years ago. She recorded her pain score, what she ate, where she went, the weather and barometric pressure—anything that would unlock the possible triggers of her recurring headaches and help ease the pain.

How Successful Are the Marriages of People With Divorced Parents?

Marital instability can be inherited—but less often than it used to be.

All-American Despair

For the past two decades, a suicide epidemic fueled by guns, poverty and isolation has swept across the West, with middle-aged men dying in record numbers

Ask the Experts: Best Credit Cards for College Students

What is the best way for a college student to use a credit card? The best way for a college student to use a credit card is to use it as if it were a debit card. Purchase items that they can afford, then pay the balance off each month. This will help them establish credit without getting into debt.

Yellowstone feels earthquake aftershocks – 60 years later

A gargantuan number of earthquakes hit Yellowstone National Park in 2017 and 2018, sparking worries that they could eventually trigger an eruption of the world's largest super volcano. But a new study suggests that the 'quakes may have actually been aftershocks from another seismic event — 60 years prior.

U. Library digitizes 100 years of The Provo Herald

The University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library has digitized 100 years of editions of The Provo Herald—known today as the Daily Herald. The archive is available online and free to the public.

Letter: Nothing improves on its own

Thomas Parmley, a well-known physicist and former University of Utah professor, recognized in 1996 as the U’s “Centennial Professor,” explained to a class that the biggest argument against evolution is that nothing improves on its own.

Where in Utah have opioid overdose rates been highest? In Carbon and Emery counties, where treatment services are scarcer.

Between 2014 and 2016, the state’s opioid crisis hit hardest in two rural counties—Carbon and Emery, where adults died of drug overdoses at nearly three times the statewide rate.

This week in Mormon Land: Relief Society video aims for diversity, Nelson unveils next big trip, website drops nickname — sort of

Political scientist Morgan Lyon Cotti, associate director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah, discusses the recent move by Latter-day Saint leaders to enlist “specialists” to help members in the Beehive State boost their political engagement. But will they do so in a “politically neutral” way — as the faith has instructed?

Energy secretary says US can make oil, gas, coal cleaner

The Trump administration is committed to making fossil fuels cleaner rather than imposing "draconian" regulations on oil, gas and coal, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Thursday.

Better oral care improves patient's drug abuse recovery

The power of your smile is more important than you might think. It even surprised some researchers at University of Utah Health when they found just how vital it comes to recovering from drug abuse.

Newly released documents detail threats, investigation prior to Lauren McCluskey's death

Lauren McCluskey, a student athlete at the University of Utah, was shot and killed on the night of Oct. 22, 2018. Newly released documents detail her interactions with police concerning her ex-boyfriend and killer, 37-year-old Melvin Shawn Rowland.