News Clips for May 29, 2020

Universities, organizations documenting COVID-19 pandemic for future generations

From empty store shelves to people visiting their elderly family members through glass windows, we are living history. Now, librarians are looking to document it.

COVID-19 rules prompt Utah theater group to perform Shakespeare in the parking

In “Romeo and Juliet,” Mercutio dies bleeding with a curse on his lips, aimed at the rival Montagues and Capulets: “A plague o’ both your houses.”

Jon Huntsman Jr. says Utah poised to ‘knock the cover off the ball’

Former governor seeking another term has big plans for economic development, improving mental health care.

Coronavirus testing and tracing at core of NWSL's tournament plan

As the National Women's Soccer League prepares to become one of the first North American sports leagues to return amid the coronavirus pandemic, testing and tracing are at the core of its plans.

Title IX experts say use of criminal terminology in campus cases a ‘fundamental problem’

An attorney with extensive experience handling Title IX cases called out the issue of using criminal terminology such as “rape” and “sexual assault” during campus sexual misconduct proceedings on a Thursday webinar hosted by the National Association of Scholars.

Experts warn of a suicide surge related to COVID-19. They may be right

As parts of the U.S. express optimism with regard to “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 infection, the national conversation has broadened to include not only reopening the economy, but also the public health toll of coronavirus beyond our nation’s ICUs. As mental health researchers, we have taken note as the discussion has started to include suicide.