News Clips for May 28, 2020

Univ. of California system phasing out SAT/ACT testing; will it impact Utah schools?

In a major college shake-up, the University of California system voted last week to completely phase out ACT and SAT scores in admissions decisions.

Utah's colleges to return to class in the fall

Many of Utah’s public and private colleges announced Wednesday intentions to return to in-person classes in the fall.

Deciding how to go out? Think about the person, place and thing

Before you go out, an easy way to approach your decisions may come from your old English grammar lessons about nouns: Think about the person, the place and the thing.

40% of COVID-19 patients may be asymptomatic as disease progresses

As many as 40 percent of patients with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic, according to a small analysis of cases in China published Wednesday by JAMA Network Open.

Young graduates have been hit hard by the economic crisis — but they’re also the first to help

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, young people graduating from high school or college, or returning from a church mission, face a tough job market and uncertain futures. The unemployment rate is the highest in many decades. Entry-level jobs are especially difficult to find.

COVID-19 antibody tests are raising as many questions as they answer

As stay-at-home orders expire, some are turning to the tests to reopen society safely. It may be too much to ask.

U of U Health updates hours of operation at COVID-19 in-car testing

The University of Utah Health’s COVID-19 in-car testing sites will be changing their hours of operation. The change which will begin on Thursday, May 28th, is being put in place to better meet the needs of patients and staff, according to hospital officials.

Brent Taylor's legacy gets more cement with naming of scholarship recipients

Brent Taylor’s legacy has received a bit more cement. University of Utah and Brigham Young University officials have named the first recipients of scholarships created in his honor.

Utah reports suicide attempts down during pandemic

Despite national concerns, Utah suicide attempts are actually down since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Utah businesses are leading the way in a return to prosperity

Businesses across the state are leaning in to serve their communities during this time of need. The handful highlighted here are illustrative of thousands more showing true corporate citizenship.

Pac-12 to allow voluntary in-person athletic workouts

Utah football fans need something to look forward too after the way the 2019 season ended with blowout losses to Oregon (Pac-12 Championship game) and Texas (Alamo Bowl).

Why we may be reaching a tipping point for the Power Five to break away from the FBS

University of Utah economist Ted Tatos was asked to consider whether the coronavirus could impact a second consecutive NCAA Tournament. While schools are eagerly anticipating a return of college football, let's not forget how this historic moment in time began in the college sports world