News Clips for May 24, 2019

Wet holiday? Utahns say weather won't stop them from getting outdoors

Travel plans for those hoping to take advantage of Memorial Day’s extended weekend may be hindered by this year’s heavy snowfalls and persistent rain.

Hebgen Lake quake which killed more 28 people in 1959 when it violently shook Yellowstone National Park sent aftershocks nearly 60 years later

Aftershocks from the deadly 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake in Yellowstone National Park have been detected more than 60 years later, according to a study. More than 3,000 small earthquakes which took place between June 2017 and March 2018 were found thought to emanate from the 7.2 magnitude quake.

Study: Dental care improves treatment outcomes dramatically for patients with drug and alcohol addiction

A study published by University of Utah researchers this week has found that comprehensive dental care improves the efficacy of substance use treatment and improves overall mental health.

Genetic switch controls conversion of bad to good fat

Researchers have identified a way to control the production of white fat using TLE3, a genetic switch that stops the conversion of white fat into beige fat.

US institute pumps millions into recycling research

The first e-scrap project is a partnership between the University of Utah and the Sunnking company. The partners are aiming to adapt relatively low-cost and low-energy leaching processes to recover copper and precious metals directly from e-scrap. Ultimately, the R&D team wants to maximise the extraction of plastics.

The 3 hallmarks of a cost-disciplined health system—and profiles of success

Hospital and health system operating margins have plummeted in recent years. Leaders are anxious to see if this trend has bottomed out or if margins will remain in freefall.

Hot spots in rivers that nurture young salmon ‘flicker on and off’ in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region

Chemical signatures imprinted on tiny stones that form inside the ears of fish show that two of Alaska’s most productive salmon populations, and the fisheries they support, depend on the entire watershed.

Two men replace women exiting Utah state school board

Utah's governor has appointed two men to replace two women who recently moved out of state and resigned from the Utah State Board of Education. Also carried in Deseret News.

News at a glance

A state auditor criticizes the University of Utah in Salt Lake City for a "broken" laboratory safety system that puts personnel at risk.