News Clips for May 23, 2018

VIDEO: Why Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Matter - Metropolis

Architect and advocate Joel Sanders describes the debate emerging around gender-neutral bathrooms—and what role architects have to play.

Breakthrough Reached in Understanding Unusual Lightning-Triggered Gamma-Rays

The Telescope Array, spread across an area measuring the size of New York City, waits to receive cosmic rays in the western Utah desert. It detects the high-energy particles that crash into Earth’s atmosphere continuously; the cosmic rays activate the sensors once every few minutes.

Try These 5 Tricks To Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally (#5 Is Crucial!)

Looking to speed up your metabolism? Skip the crash diets and do these things instead. These are clearly must try and will help speed it up.

U. engineer receives $2M grant to create smarter, faster tech in case of power outages

Masood Parvania, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Utah, has been awarded a three-year, $2 million grant to build a lab, and research and test technology for microgrids — smaller, more localized versions of a city’s power grid that could provide backup electricity in a catastrophic situation.

Outsize spending on pubcasting in Utah backs state-spanning broadband services

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network not only broadcasts on three TV channels but oversees a statewide broadband network that reaches more than 1,500 schools, libraries, hospitals, clinics and health departments.