News Clips for May 22, 2019

This Green Earth - May 21, 2019 John Lin

John Lin, a professor of atmospheric sciences talks about a new study which shows that the processes that create ozone pollution in the summer can also trigger the formation of air pollution in the winter. This unexpected finding suggests that certain efforts to reduce harmful wintertime air pollution may actually be backfiring.

More detailed picture of Earth's mantle

The chemical composition of the Earth's mantle is a lot more variable and diverse than previously thought, a new study has revealed. This story also covered in El Siglo de Torreón, SDP Noticias, Bohemia.

Earth Notes: Powell Artifacts

John Wesley Powell is famous for his 1869 journey down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. But before that expedition, Powell taught geology at Illinois State Normal University in the town of Normal, and was curator of the Illinois State Natural History Museum.

The Utah Legislature’s interim health priorities

Last week, Utah’s Health and Human Services Interim Committee held its first meeting since the 2019 General Session adjourned on March 14. The interim committee laid out its areas of focus for the interim and spent time on three of its major priorities.

'Many Faces of Stroke': Pharmacist shares her role in helping stroke patients

A stroke can happen to one person in an instant, but people with atrial fibrillation are five times more likely to experience a stroke. This week on Midday we’re partnering with the American Stroke Association and University of Utah Health to see the “Many Faces of Stroke”.

Gehrke: If we do it right, we can have both birds and bike trails in this Salt Lake foothills park

Maybe, in a growing valley, conflicts will be inevitable, but it seems like we’re seeing the “not-in-my-backyard” mentality rearing its head more and more.

Induced Labor No Costlier than Spontaneous Labor

A new study calculates that inducing labor at 39 weeks costs healthcare systems the same as waiting for spontaneous labor.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump cries ‘treason’ over campaign scrutiny

President Donald Trump is using “treason” rather lightly as he assails unidentified U.S. officials for investigating operatives of his campaign in 2016. There’s no allegation or even suggestion that they committed this punishable-by-death crime, if any crime at all.