News Clips for May 22, 2018

Mothers in labor can get new pain relief from unlikely source

SALT LAKE CITY – For many women giving birth, epidurals are a common, albeit expensive, form of pain relief. The treatments usually cost more than a thousand dollars. There is a much cheaper alternative but it’s only available in a handful of hospitals across the country. Some are calling it the bir

Yellowstone volcano eruption: ‘Unusually active’ Steamboat Geyser blasts boiling water

STEAMBOAT Geyser, one of Yellowstone volcano’s most active hot water fountains, stunned scientists by blasting a plume of scorching hot water for the fifth time this year.

Utah appeals court delays trial of activist accused of trying to harm cattle by closing gate

The Utah Court of Appeals has intervened in the trial of a conservation activist and her husband accused of trying to kill cattle in San Juan County.

Loneliness and Poor Social Skills

Loneliness in the United States is on the rise, but psychologists believe we can reverse that trend by taking a few simple steps.

How animals holler

While humans can only broadcast about one percent of their vocal power through their speech, some animals and mammals are able to broadcast 100 percent. The secret to their long-range howls? A combination of high pitch, a wide-open mouth and a clever use of the body's shape to direct sound -- none of which are factors that humans can replicate.

County Libraries To Distribute Opioid Overdose Drug Naloxone

As opioid overdoses from prescription and illicit drugs continue to plague Utah, librarians who serve the public often find themselves on the front lines…

5 Steps to Conquering the Impossible: Secrets From Ben Nemtin's Powerful Commencement Address

Do you have some big dreams? MTV's Ben Nemtin has some very good suggestions for achieving those.

University of Utah engineer receives $2 million grant to create smarter, faster tech in case of massive power outages

Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico last September, which left nearly all the island's 3.4 million residents without power, is one of the most frightening scenarios for a metropolis: A natural disaster or cyberattack wipes out a city's power grid.

Walking or cycling to work linked to lower risk of heart disease and early death | MinnPost

The benefits appear to be even greater for people who also walk or cycle for transport when doing errands or other daily activities.

Utah to honor President Nelson for 7,000 heart surgeries, cutting-edge research

President Russell M. Nelson performed nearly 7,000 operations as a heart surgeon before he set down his scalpel to become an apostle in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now Utah is going to award the LDS Church president with a lifetime achievement medal for a career spent on the cutting edge of medical innovation.

Gov. Herbert announces Medals for Science, Technology winners

(KUTV) Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) announced winners Monday for the 2018 Governor's Medals for Science and Technology.The medals are to be presented to four honorees at the Utah Technology Innovat

Governor’s Medals for Science and Technology announced

Governor Gary R. Herbert, along with the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative announced the winners of the 2018 Governor’s Medals for Science and Technology.