News Clips for May 21, 2019

If you build more activity into your day, you might be able to skip the workout

While writing this paragraph, I stood up and sat back down five times, swiveled in my chair, walked to the kitchen to make a pot of tea, brushed my dog, made my bed and performed at least six seated leg crisscrosses with my feet raised a good 12 inches off the floor.

Research shows that Earth’s mantle looks ‘like a Jackson Pollock painting’

New research led by Sarah Lambart, assistant professor of geology at the University of Utah, has found that Earth’s mantle is less of a gradient of orange-and-yellow lavas and instead is more of a mosaic of colors that looks similar to a Jackson Pollock painting. Lambart and her team also discovered that a copy of this mosaic resides within the Earth’s crust. Story also carried in Courthouse News, Science Daily, Chispa, Teknikan Maailma, Nature World News, ANSA,, Agencia EFE.

Utah, other Pac-12 members received average of $31.3 million in league distributions for 2017-18, financial reports indicate

According to figures reported by the Pac-12 Conference, the University of Utah and other member schools received an average of $31.3 million in distributions for the financial year 2017-18.

Sorenson Seeds $150M Fund for Opportunity Zones

Catalyst is also seeking to add services such as job-training programs, community health clinics, pre-kindergartens and affordable grocery stores to its developments.

These are the worst intersections for crashes in St. George

What do the intersections of 1000 East and St. George Boulevard; River Road and 700 South, and Sunset Boulevard and Dixie Drive have in common? They’re considered to be among the worst intersections for crashes in St. George.

Islanders detail research projects

Two students from Bainbridge Island recently presented their research projects in the 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Utah. The symposium was April 9, and featured more than 500 undergraduate students who presented their research projects.

8 Schools That Offer Bachelor’s Degrees—and Income-Share Agreements

In the 1970s, Yale University offered a program that allowed graduating classes to collectively repay their tuition after finding employment. Everyone who could afford it would pitch in to foot the bill of the entire group.

Trump Decries 'Treason' Over Campaign Probe; It Wasn't

President Donald Trump is using "treason" rather lightly as he assails unidentified officials for investigating operatives of his campaign.