News Clips for May 20, 2020

COVID-19 Impact On College Applications

Graduation will look very different for the 2020 graduating high school class. However, those students aren’t the only ones impacted by COVID-19. Current high school juniors across the country are struggling to figure out how to navigate the changes brought on by a worldwide pandemic, as they apply to college.

Trump takes a first step toward returning medical supply chains to the U.S.

White House officials called the multi-million dollar contract with Virginia-based Phlow Corp. a potential landmark in returning pharmaceutical manufacture from overseas.

The surprising reason men have beards, according to science

Sporting a “millennial beard” is a fashion statement for many. Scientists from the University of Utah have discovered, however, men may have evolved facial hair for a rather more practical reason. Beards cover the lower jaw, one of the most commonly broken bones during a fist fight.

DEQ, university researchers help test wastewater for COVID-19 infection rates in Utah

Collegiate researchers are monitoring wastewater flushed away from homes and businesses to see if it provides a better understanding of coronavirus infection rates.

Utah’s Contact Tracing App Was Supposed To Help The State Open Up. It Isn’t Going Very Well.

Healthy Together was supposed to help the state reopen. But very few people are using it.

An Officer Is Accused Of Sharing Explicit Photos Of A Student Before She Was Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend

Lauren McCluskey was killed in 2018 on the University of Utah campus by her ex-boyfriend, who had lied to her about his name, age, and criminal history.

Utah may shift COVID-19 plan to focus on elderly, minority communities

The Utah Leads Together Plan has been the roadmap for how the state fights the COVID-19 pandemic. But Utah’s focus may soon shift from designating “yellow” or “orange” risk areas to helping people most at-risk for getting a bad case of the virus.

Utah researchers hopeful after team announces early vaccine success

An American drugmaker testing a COVID-19 vaccine created a lot of excitement this week after it announced promising results. A couple of local COVID-19 researchers were hopeful, but also realistic about the work that lies ahead for the drugmaker, Moderna, in the trials of that vaccine.

Utah-based group aims to help Navajo Nation deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

The Navajo Nation has the highest rate of COVID-19 infections per capita in the United States. Now one Utah-based group is trying to help the tribe overcome the crisis. Heather Tanana is a research law professor at the University of Utah who is helping start the group Utah Tribal COVID-19 Relief.