News Clips for May 2-5, 2020

Live coronavirus updates for Tuesday, May 5: Utah reports six new deaths, the state’s highest number since the pandemic began

The University of Utah has received a donation of 10,000 medical masks from its international education partner in China. The Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Bureau sent the equipment as a thank you after the U. has helped train officials there in how to run a national park as the area looks to open its first in China.

Banjo suspends state surveillance contracts after report details founder’s white supremacist past

Following an explosive report about the dark past of its founder and CEO Damien Patton, Utah-based company Banjo is facing a backlash in its own backyard. After revelations of Patton’s former ties to a branch of the KKK came to light, Utah’s attorney general and the University of Utah froze their relationships with the company. Now, the company will suspend all of its contracts in the state.

University of Utah graduates student-athletes from every team, including NFL veteran Paul Soliai

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Utah held a virtual commencement Thursday night. The ceremonies paid tribute to 8,628 graduates, including 72 student-athletes.

Joro Walker: Leverage stimulus to invest in Utah’s clean air

While our skies here on the Wasatch Front have been crystal clear in recent weeks, winter inversions and summer ozone buildup mean we are all too aware of the connection between air quality and our health. Now, researchers are finding greater health risks from the coronavirus due to air pollution, underscoring the importance of cleaning up our air permanently, for our health and our future prosperity.

University of Utah doctors treating COVID-19 patients in remdesivir trial

here was a surge of hope and excitement this week when Dr. Anthony Fauci said the drug remdesivir showed promise for some of the sickest patients with COVID-19. The drug is not FDA approved and is only given in clinical trials right now, but local researchers are eager to find out if it can safely help patients recover from the novel coronavirus.

Utah auditor reviewing $800K buy of anti-malarial drugs, other COVID-19 purchases

Utah State Auditor John Dougall confirmed Friday his office is reviewing the state’s $800,000 purchase of anti-malarial drugs — a controversial move that raised red flags from pharmacists and medical professionals, and has since been refunded.

The hidden cost of keeping older adults safe from COVID-19

Nancy Nelson is pretty sure her dad gave in to loneliness and stopped fighting. Richard Mueller, 93, had been without visits from family members for nearly a month when he died April 10, as care facilities barred visitors in response to the pandemic.

These University of Utah students had their graduation ceremony inside a video game they created

Press the space bar to jump. Hold W to walk. And use ctrl + ↑ to move across the stage and collect your diploma. During a one-of-a-kind ceremony Friday, that’s how students in the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) program graduated: in a video game they designed.

Utah tech CEO behind TestUtah showed early interest in malaria drugs

Seven weeks ago, as the coronavirus began to spread in Utah, the CEO of an Orem software company called on his colleagues in the tech sector to save the state’s health care industry from itself.

Have the coronavirus and earthquakes wrecked your sleep? Rest easy. You’re not alone. And here’s what can help you nod off.

Adam Sherman sleeps eight or nine hours a night, and then takes naps during the morning and evening. It’s adding to up to 14 hours of sleep a day.

As Utah turns the dial from red to orange, here is the coronavirus state of the state

Utah’s government turned the official coronavirus risk dial from red to orange this Friday, signaling a new phase of handling the COVID-19 pandemic. People can now get haircuts, visit the dentist and even eat at restaurants. You might expect the virus to grow as a result, but how much?

Small towns and rural hospitals brace for their coronavirus peak, which could be weeks away

While hospitalizations related to Covid-19 have started to decelerate in some cities, it could take the virus weeks to peak in more rural communities. Some hospitals haven’t had enough medical personnel for decades and are already operating at full capacity. Many people in rural communities work in factories deemed essential and continue to travel to work even as more cases are confirmed.

Utah residents split on how prepared they felt for the Magna earthquake

Utah residents have been warned for decades about the risk of the “big one” destroying homes, killing thousands and putting the Wasatch Front in a catastrophic mess.

Med student sues U., says sexual misconduct suspension ‘shockingly disproportionate’

A University of Utah medical student disciplined for sexual misconduct is now suing the school, saying his two-year suspension was too harsh and detrimental to his career.

Alex Smith, Steve Smith, Rudy Gobert and others congratulate the University of Utah’s 2020 graduating class

On Thursday, the University of Utah held its commencement ceremony for the 2020 graduating class. Well, sort of.

Why Scientists Think The Novel Coronavirus Developed Naturally—Not In A Chinese Lab

You could be forgiven for wondering how a disease as fast-moving and deadly as COVID-19 could just appear naturally, out of nowhere, seemingly overnight.

These students will graduate inside a video game

While colleges around the country have cancelled their graduation ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors and graduating master’s students from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) games program are still holding their convocation in the best way they know how – in an online video game they built specifically for the ceremony.