News Clips for May 18, 2018

Increase in organ transplants amid opioid epidemic

Scientists are seeing a boost in the number of organs available for transplant due to the opioid epidemic, according to researchers. There is an increase of available organ donations No change of recipient's chance of survival The effects of the opioid epidemic have created an unforeseen opportunity: An increase in the availability of organs for donation.

Jeff Sessions Claims the ACLU Caused a Spike in Chicago Homicides—Here's Why He's Wrong

The research the attorney general drew his conclusions from had some serious flaws.

Hadza on the brink

Times are hard for the Hadza of Tanzania, who include some of the last people on the planet to live as nomadic hunter-gatherers. Their way of life has been a magnet for researchers for 60 years, and the subject of hundreds of scholarly papers, because it may offer the closest analog to the way our African ancestors lived.

Seeing the Big Picture: New healthcare-specific displays offer finer detail, productivity gains

Healthcare CIOs seeking to unlock productivity gains and improve outcomes with new technology may be overlooking one answer that’s been hiding in plain sight ― clinical review displays. Informed by human-computer interaction studies, as well as by feedback from physicians, vendors are introducing a new generation of healthcare-specific displays.

How the fine print in debt contracts can reduce investment

Performance covenants in debt contracts impede borrowers’ incentives to take up new investments.

Pregnant and feeling puny? Don't turn to pot, says doc

Seven in ten dispensaries in Colorado recommend pregnant women use marijuana for morning sickness – but a physician with the Christian Medical Association says that's bad medicine.