News Clips for May 16, 2018

Gov. Gary Herbert unveils 10 goals in Utah 'Energy Action Plan'

Gov. Gary Herbert unveiled his ‘Energy Action Plan’ on Tuesday at the Utah Energy Summit, outlining 10 goals for the state through 2020. The goals, which include emphasis on air quality and alternative transportation, build on his 2011 strategy.

Monitoring the tremble -- and potential fall -- of natural rock arches

Scientists monitoring the vibrations of natural rock arches have found that the resonant frequencies of arches undergo dynamic changes from day to day, according to new research.

Utah program helps veterans overcome PTSD, suicidal thoughts

Around 20 American military veterans take their own life each day. A program developed here in Utah to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts is making a difference.

Letter: China’s ‘soft control’ of Confucius Institute programs should give us pause

Did you know that in recent months, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio asked four Florida colleges and universities to close their Confucius Institutes? We happened to host a Confucius Institute right on the campus of University of Utah. The program is funded and staffed by a Chinese government entity. The American Association of University Professors has stated that “Confucius Institutes function as an arm of the Chinese state” and “advance a state agenda and in the restriction of debate.”

AAA study finds drivers getting distracted by in-vehicle technology

Fran Love adores hitting the road in her 2012 Honda Accord.“I love it. It'll probably live longer than me,” she jokes.But there's one feature in her car that gives her pause: the GPS system.To use it, Love has to turn the knob to individually select each l

PolitiFact - Is the ACLU really to blame for Chicago’s murder spike?

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently told a conference on policing that a 58 percent spike in Chicago murders in

40 Utah businesses commit to challenge to elevate women in the workplace - Utah Policy

On Thursday, 40 businesses and organizations accepted the ElevateHer challenge to elevate women in business, bringing the total number of business taking the challenge to 200 since the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) first created the challenge in 2015.