News Clips for May 16-19, 2020

University of Utah will seek outside investigation of officer who displayed image of Lauren McCluskey

The University of Utah announced Monday that it will arrange for a deeper independent investigation into the actions of a former officer there who the school has confirmed saved and displayed at least one intimate photo of student-athlete Lauren McCluskey before she was killed.

University of Utah dental student uses art to celebrate her graduating class

Forty-six dental students will graduate from the University of Utah this Friday evening. One of the graduating students, Yuliya Petukhova, is a fabulous artist. She was inspired by one of the other students to sketch their graduating class all together, since a photo could not be taken. She took the photo from when they first started school four years ago and drew caps and gowns on each person in the class. It took her nine days to complete the drawing

Millions Of Federal Dollars Headed To Utah's University Students

Public universities throughout Utah and the country received money as part of the federal CARES Act, an economic relief package in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Institutions, though, are required to disburse half of that funding to students.

Summit County officials say distancing restrictions are likely here to stay for months

Summit County officials suggested Monday the community will be adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic for a long time to come, with staples of everyday life like buying groceries or going to church or school likely to remain abnormal and special events like the Summit County Fair or the Sundance Film Festival expected to be significantly changed if they occur at all.

Police chief working to change campus U of U’s culture

While allegations against a former University of Utah police officer have surfaced, ABC4 News takes a look at a previous conversation with the school’s new police chief and the vows he made to improve campus safety. “We want to be better each day than the day prior. And that’s what we’re gonna do,” said U of U Police Chief Rodney Chatman.

Utah went all-in on an unproven Covid-19 treatment, then scrambled to course-correct

Even before President Trump started plugging chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as Covid-19 treatments, enthusiasm for the old malaria drugs was swelling in the state of Utah.

Mount St. Helens 40 years later: what we’ve learned, and still don’t know

Charlie Crisafulli first visited Mount St. Helens 2 months after the 18 May 1980 eruption that ripped the top off the volcano, obliterated 600 square kilometers of forests, killed 57 people, and coated much of the Pacific Northwest in ash. He was a 22-year-old with an undergraduate degree in ecology, accompanying a University of Utah professor as scientists descended on the mountain.

This Salt Lake City company is turning snorkel masks into reusable medical gear

True Health, a Salt Lake City-based startup, is producing reusable medical gear out of full-face snorkel masks, a quick reaction to the pandemic pushed by a doctor and a business student.

Earthquakes caused $70M in Utah public infrastructure damage, $629M in economic losses

The 5.7 magnitude earthquake that rattled the Wasatch Front happened two months ago, and the many aftershocks since then have slowly subsided in recent weeks. State officials now say they have a better estimate of the damage caused by the earthquakes.

Utah’s June 30 primary election will be strictly vote-by-mail

“Get out to vote by staying home” and “Your porch is your polling place” proclaim digital ads from the state about the new restrictions in place for Utah’s June 30 primary election that, because of COVID-19, will be conducted entirely by mail.

Do new COVID-19 business protections unfairly limit Utah employee and customer legal rights?

While details are still emerging from first reports of potential Utah employer misconduct leading to COVID-19 infection of workers, some freshly minted state legislation went into effect last week creating legal immunity for businesses against some COVID-19-related lawsuits from customers or employees.

Utah’s Red Butte Garden welcomes a new director, works to reopen

As Jimmy Turner boarded a plane in Sydney, Australia, Red Butte Garden was still welcoming guests in the foothills east of Salt Lake City.

Worldwide threats are supposed to unify humanity. This pandemic has widened the rift.

In the movies, when the asteroid hurtles toward Earth, or aliens invade, or a quake pulverizes cities, or a nuclear-mutated dinosaur wreaks havoc, humanity links arms to save itself.

University of Utah researchers studying hydroxychloroquine to stem COVID-19 spread

University of Utah researchers are examining whether an oft-debated malaria medication can help stem the spread of COVID-19.

Utah lawyers rally help for hard-hit Navajo Nation

At first look, it makes no sense. Why should the spread of coronavirus on the Navajo Nation rival that of New York City?

The Coronavirus Recession is a “She-cession”

The word “shecession” appeared in the The New York Times for the first time in its nearly 170 years of publishing over the weekend.

State releases COVID-19 data for care facilities

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the state of Utah is providing access to data from care facilities, and three Utah County businesses are on the list.