News Clips for May 15, 2018

The Rise of the Victims’-Rights Movement

How a conservative agenda and a feminist cause came together to transform criminal justice.

Perspective | Ancient Roman concrete has lasted for centuries. Ours? Not so much.

Our Metro stations are crumbling. It’s time to borrow the techniques that made Rome great.

New ‘Deodorant Challenge’ may cause permanent burns, scarring

(WSVN) - Parents, be mindful of a new challenge some kids are participating in: the Deodorant Challenge, which doctors say can cause permanent burn scarring.According...

Nuclear Weapons, Waco And The Radicalization Of Cliven Bundy

Many people know the story of the Bundy-led standoffs in 2014 and 2016 against the federal government. But most people do not know where the Bundys first developed their anti-government ideology.

As the 5G Rollout Approaches, Questions Remain

At the Brooklyn 5G Summit at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, I was struck by the progress that's been made and the uncertainly that remains about the 5G rollout.

ND National Park tourism creates $56.7M in economic benefits in 2017 | INFORUM

MEDORA-A new National Park Service report shows that 733,000 visitors to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and two western North Dakota national historic sites spent $45.6 million in 2017 in communities near these attractions..That spending suppor...

Political clashes heat up as big issues head for Utah ballot

Allegations of deceit, fraud, intimidation and cash for signatures are heating up political battles in conservative Utah, where voters are poised to weigh hot-button ballot initiatives for the first time in over a decade.