News Clips for May 14, 2020

Before his virtual concert, Utah violinist shares 5 wine and music pairings to match your mood

David Park, the assistant concertmaster of the Utah Symphony, is a classical music expert, a connoisseur of wine and — because of those twin passions— a world traveler.

Utah colleges and universities join effort to sew 5 million medical-grade masks

Utah’s public, private and nonprofit universities and colleges have launched a “Sew Your True Colors” campaign, asking their campus communities to sew medical-grade masks using thread in the color of their respective institutions.

Will Utah students go back to college this fall?

As universities and colleges around the country call off in-person courses this fall, will Utah universities follow suit?

COVID-19 may finally tap the brakes on Utah’s blazing fast population growth

Doctors and demographers say the coronavirus pandemic may finally slow Utah’s rapid population growth — at least in the short term.

Virus takes aim at west side of Salt Lake City, County

State’s top demographers predict short- and long-term effects of the coronavirus on the Beehive State.

What might syndrome possibly linked to coronavirus mean for Utah’s schools and child policies?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reportedly preparing to send an alert out to doctors about an inflammatory syndrome in children possibly related to the novel coronavirus.


As the global coronavirus crisis continues, questions about how the disease spreads, and the impact it will have on society as we know it remain.

Proposal seeks to create oversight of government surveillance and tech in Utah

As rapidly evolving technologies and cozy government contracts have raised alarms over privacy issues, or at least made some Utahns uncomfortable, a local think tank is touting a solution.