News Clips for May 12-14, 2018

How a University of Utah grad balanced having 5th child, studying law with husband deployed

Legally blonde? Kim Reeves is blond, runs a fashion design company and has just earned a law degree from the University of Utah. But unlike Reece Witherspoon's fictional character, Reeves is a mom of five and a military spouse.

People who marry in mid-thirties are more likely to divorce, professor claims

Older newlyweds may be ‘less willing to compromise’, expert states

Geologists study the Bighorn Basin to learn about global warming 55 million years ago

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The next Geologists of Jackson Hole (GJH) lecture on Tuesday, May 15, will look at a magical basin, which may hold secrets and answers locked away in its lithified lore about how earth once plunged into a global warming period that makes modern times look like a deep freeze. Plants and soil […]

Analysis | Jeff Sessions’s claim that an ACLU settlement with Chicago caused murders to spike

The attorney general cites an unpublished study to support his claim. But the facts don't support his attack on the ACLU.

Center for HOPE aims to fight cancer in underserved populations

Laraine Days smoked a pack a day when she came across a Facebook ad for a clincial trial at the Huntsman Cancer Institute seeking participants that needed help to quit.

World’s tallest geyser keeps erupting, and scientists aren’t sure why

Yellowstone National Park’s Steamboat Geyser just erupted for the fifth time this year, and scientists aren’t sure why.