News Clips for March 5, 2019

Utah has the nation’s 5th highest rate of suicide. At a Tuesday panel, University of Utah professors will discuss how to get help.

A group of suicide experts will speak on a panel about anxiety and depression — how to recognize it and how to cope with it — at the University of Utah on Tuesday night.

White Nationalist Groups Rising On College Campuses In Mountain West

When University of Utah senior Mohan Sudabattula found the posters hanging recently from the side of the art building on campus, the first-generation son of immigrants from southeastern India was surprised but not shocked. He’d seen similar posters – the red, white and blue lettering – popping up all over campus.

University of Utah engineers make biofuel breakthrough

Chemical engineers at the University of Utah created a jet mixer that makes extracting algae and lipids a viable source of energy. Also appears in Tech Explorist and Tunisiesoir.

Utah researchers identify potential treatment for pancreatic cancer

Gordon Chamberlain was told in October that he'd be lucky to live another four months. The 66-year-old said he "never saw it coming," but late-stage pancreatic cancer was going to get the best of him. "My energy levels were low, if I had any energy at all, and I was not able to walk very far or do very much," said Chamberlain, of Murray. The side effects of rigorous chemotherapy turned out to be too much. Also appears in ScienceDaily, PanCan and AZBigMedia.

Novel treatments offer new hope for patients with autoimmune disease

Autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, arise when the body's immune cells attack itself. Current treatments eliminate these misfunctioning immune cells, but also destroy normal, protective immune cells, leaving patients susceptible to immune deficiency and opportunistic infections. Researchers at University of Utah Health have developed a new approach that targets the misfunctioning immune cells while leaving normal immune cells in place. Also appears in MedicalNewsToday.