News Clips for March 4 & 5, 2020

Ute Indian Tribe signs a new agreement with the University of Utah — adding a stipulation

The Ute Indian Tribe has agreed to continue allowing sports teams at the University of the Utah to compete as “Utes”—though as part of an update to the longstanding deal, the school must educate all incoming students about the tribe.

This Small Company Is Turning Utah Into a Surveillance Panopticon

Banjo is applying artificial intelligence to government-owned surveillance and traffic cameras across the entire state of Utah to tell police about "anomalies."

Here’s how Utahns are changing plans and taking precautions to avoid coronavirus

The University of Utah announced Tuesday that it was suspending all university-affiliated study-abroad and international travel programs for spring 2020. Employees and students have been asked to limit nonessential travel, and university trips to Florida and Washington are “suspended,” university officials wrote in an email Tuesday.

'Uncertainty attached to the virus': Utah experts explain Fed rate cut

“When we talk (about the future), we worry about these (potential) external shocks. And coronavirus is a really good example of an external shock that you just you can’t predict,” said Juliette Tennert, director of economic and public policy research at the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. “It inserts all sorts of uncertainty into the forecast.”

Utah called for Bernie Sanders in state’s first Super Tuesday primary

At the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics, dozens of excited students packed a room laden with TV screens and projectors to eat pizza and watch election results. “It’s surprising to see so much energy because it’s just the primary,” said Lauren Harvey, a sophomore at the University of Utah. “I voted for Elizabeth Warren and I’m a little bummed to see that she’s not being picked for literally anything.”

State Forms Task Force To Address Coronavirus In Utah

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and other key stakeholders met Monday to update media on the state’s response to COVID-19, known as coronavirus. Herbert says the risk is currently low in Utah, but the state has activated its emergency operations center.

State Lawmakers Are Urging Utah To Bring Public Land Transfer Case To The Supreme Court

Support for the land transfer movement, which promotes shifting federal public land to state control, has flagged in recent years. But one right-wing organization that champions the cause is asking the State of Utah to fund a new approach to force the federal government to relinquish public land.

Coronavirus: 7 ways you may be panicking wrong

The numbers are changing faster than a reporter can type them, but as of Tuesday morning, 91,916 people had been sickened by the novel coronavirus in 71 countries. And 3,158 had died, including seven in Washington state.