News Clips for March 3-5, 2021

Just passing by: What to expect from Asteroid Apophis

As the dust of 2020 settles, we may find ourselves asking, what's next? While we never know what Jumanji has in store, one thing is sure: check "Doomsday Asteroid" off the list. Asteroid Apophis is going to be a cinch.

Volcanic activity the likely cause of central Utah earthquakes

Two recent central Utah earthquakes have ties to volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The volcano created a lava flow now called the Black Rock Desert between 9,000 and 12,000 years ago.

Ask the Experts: Zhou Yu

Should everyone have at least one credit card? Credit cards have become more necessary and cashless transactions more common, especially after COVID-19 hit.

Electrochemistry enables new, greener route to aromatic sulfonamides

Chemists in Germany have discovered a conceptually new and simple way to synthesise sulfonamides using electrochemistry. This new process avoids harsh conditions and allows chemists to directly functionalise aromatic moieties, without any prior treatment or modification.

What boomers can learn from millennials about changing the world—and their relationships

Younger generations are trying to make the world more egalitarian in response to the precariousness they face. Here's why that's better for all of us.

U of U planning more in-person classes for fall, potentially 45% of classes

U of U college students looking ahead to the next school year may have the option for more in-person classes next fall. “We expect to have a substantially more in-person experience for students in the fall,” said University of Utah (University) senior vice-president for academic affairs, Dan Reed.

Utah affordable housing advocates celebrate $35M earmarked by Legislature

Funding is ‘the most money that housing has ever received,’ director says.

What the pandemic has taught us about science, society and our own selfish ways

Here are five life lessons we can take from our response to the coronavirus.

The Cost of Insuring Colleges Continues to Rise. And Covid’s Not the Reason.

Two of the biggest risks? Data breaches and sexual abuse.


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Ivory Innovations Recognizes New Approaches to Tackle Affordability Crisis

The Top 25 Ivory Prize finalists showcase innovations in construction and design, finance, and regulatory reform.

Ogden's tourism industry took a hit in 2020, but officials optimistic for rebound

As expected, the COVID-19 pandemic made for a poor-performing 2020 for Ogden’s tourism industry. But the organization charged with promoting the city as a destination mecca is counting on the travel landscape to slowly improve this year.

The vaccine race against the coronavirus variants, explained

Covid-19 vaccines are here. So are new mutations. Here’s what you should know.

COVID-19 vaccine side effects & deaths: The lack of information on how, where to report

Like many others, Eunjin Kim felt like she’d been hit with an instant case of influenza after getting her second shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

U of U Health reflects on one year of treating COVID-19 patients

University of Utah Health is observing a new milestone and marking one year of treating COVID-19 patients on Friday.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrives in Utah

Doses of the heralded Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine will be administered Thursday at some Utah locations after the product arrived at hospitals yesterday.