News Clips for March 27, 2019

Addicted Utah: Utah's new drug crisis 'on the horizon'

They are addictive and can be even more dangerous than opioids. Benzodiazepines are a Schedule 4 drug, thought to have a low potential for abuse.

Male Pregnancy Could Be Possible With New Medical Procedure

Infertile people as well as same sex couples may soon be able to have their own biological babies. Scientists have been exploring a new procedure that uses a person’s skin to make a baby.

Law School Names First Female Dean After 100 Years Or So

To be precise, 106 years. That’s how long the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law has turned out attorneys in the Beehive State, and yet in all that time, the school hasn’t had a female dean until now.

Should undocumented immigrants be allowed to practice law in Utah? The ACLU and others say yes

The Utah American Civil Liberties Union answered an “emphatic" yes to the state Supreme Court’s question of whether undocumented immigrants should be able to take the state bar exam and practice law, the group announced Tuesday.

Is your campus as safe as you think it is? Data reports for 8 of Utah's Universities

How safe is your university? ABC4 compared data for several large universities around the state to help you decide. Also on KUTV.

How did the U decide to alert its students following a reported sexual assault?

Reviewing crime statistics for the University of Utah Police showed seven instances of sexual violence in the last six months for which students were not alerted, begging the question: when should universities alert their students and staff to danger? Also on KUTV.

Sex assault on campus: Why are police waiting?

Experts explain two-day delay before interviewing survivor.