News Clips for March 26, 2021

The Weekend Guide: Hiking, Wildlife, and Mile-High Biscuits in Salt Lake City

Over the past few decades, Utah’s capital has departed from its solid pioneer roots to become a creative urban getaway at the foot of a mountain playground.

In 2020 America experienced a terrible surge in murder. Why?

In many respects, the murder of Alante Hands last year on a Chicago street was sadly unremarkable. He was young, just 27, and black, like four in every five homicide victims in the city.


What now seems unthinkable serves as a reminder that nearly every relationship norm was once considered radical and unacceptable at some point in history.

There are no easy answers on canceling student debt

From mental health to home-buying, there are myriad ways education loans can affect lives. That’s why it’s so difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution, economists say.

University of Utah researchers believe they can significantly improve batteries

The batteries in your devices and in electronic cars could get a big upgrade, thanks to researchers at the University of Utah. They say they’ve discovered why batteries age quickly or can’t handle a rapid charge.

Summer Camps See Rebound in Interest

After resisting in 2020, many parents see an antidote to a school year when their children have been glued to a computer screen.

University of Utah researchers studying possible COVID-19 treatment—an old antidepressant

Although people are getting vaccinated, a researcher says an effective treatment could save lives in the meantime, or help deal with vaccine-resistant variants.

University of Utah’s iconic Block U wrapped in colors ahead of Pride Week

For the first time, the well-known Block U on the University of Utah campus has been wrapped in colors from the Progress Pride Flag in honor of the University of Utah’s annual Pride Week.

Behind the University of Utah’s new George Floyd Memorial Fund

Student body president Ephraim Kum explains how the fund is an opened door for Black students.

Transfer vs. Robots: A Race for an Equitable Future of Work

Zoom meetings, online shopping, self-checkout machines, cloud-based technologies … You’ve probably experienced these during the pandemic more than ever.

'Superbugs' kill more than 35K people in the US each year. Doctors may be partially to blame, study suggests

As the medical community develops treatments to combat the coronavirus, another deadly enemy continues to lurk in hospitals across the country: antibiotic-resistant infections.