News Clips for March 22-25, 2019

Commentary: U. takes careful steps toward medical cannabis use

There is more that science doesn’t know about cannabis than what it does know. This includes CBD and THC, compounds in cannabis that may offer medical benefits.

U of U press to publish book on gay rights and The Church

The University of Utah Press has announced that they will publish a book regarding gay rights and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book is titled "Gay Rights and the Mormon Church: Intended Actions, Unintended Consequences" by Gregory Prince.

Utah Debate Commission, U of U apply to host 2020 presidential debate

The Utah Debate Commission (UTDC) and the University of Utah are applying to host a presidential debate in 2020. A media advisory stated that it is anticipated the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is announcing its host decisions in fall 2019.

Holly Richardson: The No Gun Ri massacre and ‘collective forgetting’

Have you ever heard of the story of the No Gun Ri bridge massacre of the Korean War? I hadn’t either, until a couple of weeks ago.

U of U researchers receive grant to improve technology for the deaf

A team of worldwide researchers including engineers from the University of Utah have received a $9.7 million grant to design and develop a new implantable device for the deaf.

Drug Shortages Continue to Be a Challenge

rug shortages in 2018 and extending into 2019 have meant a continual struggle for pharmacies to provide adequate and appropriate patient care.

UnDisciplined: The Venomologist And The Behavioral Scientist

Helena Safavi-Hemami is an assistant professor of biochemistry at the University of Utah who studies the way toxins in cone snail venoms can be used to develop therapeutics like painkillers and fast-acting insulin.

University of Utah announces honorary degree recipients for 2019 commencement

The University of Utah will honor Robert “Archie” Archuleta, May Farr and Gary L. Crocker with honorary doctoral degrees during its 2019 commencement ceremony May 2.

March Madness and vasectomies? Charleston doctor explains how they are connected

Doctors in Charleston and across the nation have seen an uptick in male patients ahead of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Trump signs executive order on free speech at college campuses; the University of Utah says it already supports ‘the exchange of diverse viewpoints’

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday afternoon protecting freedom of speech on college campuses, surrounded by student activists who have said conservative views are suppressed at universities.

Pesticides Tied to Autism Risk in Kids

Children who are exposed to common pesticides, either while in the womb or in the first year of life, may be more likely to develop autism, a new study suggests.

U of U names Erika George as director of Tanner Humanities Center

The University of Utah's College of Humanities has named Erika George as the new director of the Obert C. and Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center.

University of Utah law school names its first female dean

For the first time since it was founded more than a century ago, the University of Utah law school has named a woman as its dean. Elizabeth Kronk Warner has accepted an offer to be the next dean of the S.J. Quinney College of Law, which opened its doors 106 years ago.

Anita Silvers, an Authority on Disability Rights, Dies at 78

“A critical thing for her was to understand the A.D.A. as a civil rights statute,” said Leslie P. Francis, a professor of law and philosophy at the University of Utah who wrote papers and edited a book with Dr. Silvers. “Not as an approach to giving people special privileges, but as a way of giving people the rights that everyone else has.”

University Of Utah Researchers Uncover New Technique For Algal Lipid Extraction

In February 2019, the University of Utah published the article Algal lipid extraction using confined impinging jet mixers.

C-sections are seen as breastfeeding barrier in US, but not in other global communities

Indigenous Mexican mothers practice prolonged breastfeeding even after C-sections and their babies benefit

Former secretary of interior talks Utah recreation, Bears Ears

A former secretary of the interior in President Barack Obama's administration visited the University of Utah to praise the state's lands and share her ideas for recreating in and maintaining the nation's wildernesses.

The oldest college in every US state

According to the US Department of Education, there are more than 4,000 "degree-granting" institutions in the country. The colleges were established throughout varying centuries starting in the 1600s.

What’s one big reason Utah is seeing more libel lawsuits? The #MeToo movement.

The number of defamation lawsuits filed in Utah is on the rise — doubling in the last year. A review of these cases shows that almost all have one thing in common: The speech that someone claims is salacious, untrue or harmful was posted on social media.

Is it a concert faux pas to clap between movements at a symphony concert? Here's what some of Utah's classical music leaders said

After taking his seat in the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, Mark Wait didn’t dare move a muscle. The opera house in Germany felt more reverent than any church Wait had ever entered.

‘Short sleepers’ get 4 hours a night and feel fine. But is their health at risk?

So proclaims Stephen Klasko, who throughout his life has taken pride in sleeping only four or five hours a night. Those extra few hours away from his pillow, he believes, have allowed him to write books, run marathons and achieve his lofty professional goals. An obstetrician and gynecologist, he’s the president and CEO of Jefferson Health, one of the region’s largest health systems. Under his tenure, it has expanded rapidly to a $5 billion enterprise with 14 hospitals.

How a communist dictator poster spurred me to demand free speech on campus (OPINION)

University of Utah's Turning Point USA chapter tried to display posters featuring socialist and communist dictators.