News Clips for March 20, 2019

Restoring hearing loss

A team of worldwide researchers including engineers from the University of Utah have received a $9.7-million grant to design and develop a new implantable device and surgical procedure for the deaf that hopefully will cut through the noise and produce much more detailed sound than traditional hearing-loss treatments. Also in the Deseret News and ABC4.

Will Physicians Soon be Allowed to Dispense Drugs in Texas?

Texas is just one of four states nationwide where physicians are not able to dispense medicine onsite, but a number of organizations are hoping to change that during 2019’s legislative session.

Health care bills in review: some that made it, others to watch

Now that the session has adjourned (early) we can take stock of health care bills that passed and some interesting ones that didn’t. All in all, the Legislature passed a record 573 bills, several of which will shape the future health care landscape in the state.

No Matter The Language — Happy Birthday To The State's Successful Dual Immersion Program

Murray School District Assistant Superintendent Scott Bushnell said that upon successful competition of the AP Spanish exam, students can begin the Bridge Program, a partnership with public and higher education, which was supported by SB152, that awarded $300,000 to the University of Utah to launch the program.

White Nationalist Groups Intensifying Propaganda And Recruiting Across Western States

The groups are putting up posters on college campuses in Utah, California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.