News Clips for March 2-4, 2019

Engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrude

Biofuel experts have long sought a more economically-viable way to turn algae into biocrude oil to power vehicles, ships and even jets. University of Utah researchers believe they have found an answer. They have developed an unusually rapid method to deliver cost-effective algal biocrude in large quantities using a specially-designed jet mixer.

Proposed ban on LGBT conversion therapy getting pushback

A proposal to ban gay conversion therapy for minors encountered pushback in conservative Utah on Friday as state lawmakers questioned whether it's too restrictive for therapists talking about sexual orientation with young clients.

University of Utah study finds higher suicide risk in people with autism

For most parents, noticing the subtle symptoms of mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, in their children can be difficult. For parents of autistic children, it's almost impossible.

A 169th birthday wish to the University of Utah

The Charter was signed just over 169 years ago, Feb 28, 1850... and the fancy document hereby created The University of Utah, which meant it was time for a fundraiser.

Project LEAP - Free Dance Classes for Kids

Hannah Sterling, is the Founder of Project LEAP. Former dancer at Ballet West and current business school student at the University of Utah. She is here today to talk about Project LEAP - Free Dance Classes for Kids; Changing Lives, One Dance at a Time. Hannah also answers the questions of how an arts program like Project LEAP benefit the kids and why Project LEAP was started. What about to know when and where is Project LEAP held and how to donate to Project LEAP.

Letter: Utah shows no interest in conserving water

With respect to The Salt Lake Tribune article “Utah water conservation plan falls short, critics say,” I believe that the Utah Division of Water Resources has no interest in water conservation, but wants to be “seen” as conserving water.

A new and better bite at cite and release

Shima Baradaran Baughman, a law professor with the University of Utah College of Law and author of “The Bail Book,” told us all it takes is three days in pretrial detention for recidivism rates to increase.

Attending college is a more uncertain experience today. Here’s how to avoid regret

Attending college has become a more uncertain and difficult experience for many people today. Still, in interviews with education, policy and savings experts as well as current and former students, a more hopeful scene emerges.

Scientists split on early earthquake warning system in Utah

The Wasatch fault is 250 miles long, stretching from central Utah to southern Idaho. Eighty-five percent of Utahns live within 15 miles of the fault. Scientists forecast there’s a 50 percent chance of a major earthquake striking within 50 years.

The Fast Way to Make Food Healthier

Expert tips and tricks to help you put nutritious and delicious meals together and spend less time in the kitchen.

Op-ed: Feeling some kind of way

Student Life recently covered various aspects of the annual Washington University “Day of Discovery, Dialogue and Action” (DoDDA) held Feb. 18-20. As university leaders involved in planning the events, we write to express our gratitude for all who participated, contributed and are committed to this work across our campus and our region.

Navigating the Biological Maze in Psoriasis

Beyond clinical experience and judgment, few clear principles have emerged to help clinicians navigate the still-growing maze of biologic agents for psoriasis, according to a review presented here.

Guest opinion: University of Utah fatally failed Lauren McCluskey

In my 14 years of university administration (department chairman, dean and provost), I learned some of the fundamental principles of university leadership. One is that a university’s success or failure depends completely on the performance and behaviors of the people in it. A second is that any new or existing policies, procedures and aspirations mean nothing if administrators, faculty and staff are not effective in implementing them.

Opinion: Why S.C. must enact bills that would protect pedestrians, cyclists

A recent story was published regarding an alarming report that ranks the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin area as one of the deadliest metropolitan regions for pedestrians in the country.

Weber County tourism revenue rising, but it's not all from skiing, recreation

Skiing at the three Weber County ski resorts may be among the most obvious representation of tourism here. But they aren’t the only thing. Conferences in Ogden, spurred in part by the large Internal Revenue Service presence in the city, also figure big in drawing outside visitors.

U of U signs Kyle Whittingham to 3-year extension through 2023 season

The University of Utah extended Kyle Whittingham's time as the head football coach for three more years. He will now be under contract until 2023. According to ESPN, Utah athletic director Mark Harlan announced the deal on Monday.

How to achieve the perfect spring break body

Spring break is only a few weeks away, just in time to get the perfect body for hitting the beach and showing it off.