News Clips for March 2, 2021

Andrew S. Weyrich and Richard R. Orlandi: U’s COVID-19 testing program is making our community safer

One of the most powerful tools to limit COVID-19 transmission at the University of Utah—and in the community—is frequent, widespread testing. The university takes this seriously.

Best Educational Institutions for Video Game Design Education

The gaming industry has exploded in the last two decades, and it has reached a whole new pinnacle in recent years. Technological innovation has steered forward the video game industry, and this is evident from the fact that game designing has become a popular choice among fresh graduates from school.

Film Incentives Bill Could Directly Affect Summit County’s Economy

A bill that would raise the film tax incentives in Utah has been making its way through the legislature. Its impacts could directly affect Summit County.

A discussion of scientific racism and racial battle fatigue

University of Utah professor William Smith posed two questions during his virtual speech on Black History Month on Feb. 23: “Why do we need Black History Month?” and “Why do we need Black history?”

Utah’s Unique Population Could Impact Herd Immunity, Vaccine Rollout

Utah’s distinctive population age structure must be factored in when planning for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and trying to reach herd immunity, according to doctors and demographers.

5 ways parents can help kids avoid gender stereotypes

In the last century, significant progress has been made in advancing gender equity in the United States. Women gained the right to vote, fathers have become more involved parents and more people and institutions recognize gender identities beyond the binary categories of male and female.

A commission of Utah college students would look at how to improve campus safety statewide under new bill

SB163 was spurred by the deaths of Lauren McCluskey, ChenWei Guo and others in recent years.