News Clips for March 18, 2021

Local Leaders Condemn Violence Against Asian Americans

Millions of people across the country are joining the social movement condemning violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This comes after eight people were killed in three shootings at Atlanta-area spas Tuesday.

One year later, here's what scientists have learned since magnitude 5.7 earthquake near Magna

Thursday is the one-year anniversary of the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that jolted Utahns out of bed in the Salt Lake Valley and, since then, scientists have learned new information about the Wasatch Fault.

Union members advocate for childcare benefits as the pandemic continues to disproportionately affect female faculty

Columbia and the Graduate Workers of Columbia-United Auto Workers have spent the past two years at the bargaining table, negotiating issues of compensation, neutral arbitration, childcare benefits, and more.

Inland port opponents call on governor to veto ‘infrastructure bank’ that would fund development

The governor has yet to sign SB243, which would fund improvements like roads, water, sewage and power within the port’s jurisdictional land.

‘No one is coming to save you’

The COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to put a stranglehold on the daily lives of Utahns in 2020 when Mother Nature decided to pile it on and struck Salt Lake County with a 5.7 magnitude earthquake — the strongest recorded in the state in 28 years.


The FDA says two types of digital birth control are the same, but one company disagrees.

Nova Scotia researcher granted $1.2M to study effects of Vietnam War on human aging

Researchers from Nova Scotia are coming together with an international, multidisciplinary team to study whether the Vietnam War has affected the aging of people who lived through it.