News Clips for March 17, 2021

Yellowstone’s tallest geyser springs back to life, and Utah scientists want to know why

The world’s tallest active geyser is also one of its most mysterious, going dormant for years between periods of unpredictable, frequent eruptions. Also reported by KSL.

U of U levels up its game development program to achieve high score

The University of Utah, already a boss-level contender in the serious business of video games, has now earned the high score among public schools.

University of Utah study seeks health care workers and frontline employees who haven’t had the COVID-19 vaccine yet

The University of Utah is seeking health care workers, first responders and frontline workers who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 for a nine-month study — a tall order, considering many of those workers were among the first people eligible for the vaccine.

A healthy diet is critical to your heart health

Alex Hernandez, MS, RDN, Clinical Dietitian, Wellness Bus, University of Utah Health joined Nicea on ABC4 Utah to talk about National Nutrition Month and what we can do during the month of March to make informed choices and develop healthier eating habits.

My father is an addict — one child’s letter about addiction

Casey Scott has shared his public journey of recovery and overcoming addiction in Project Recovery, his weekly KSL podcast.

Kids will be the last to be vaccinated. When will it be safe to go on family vacations?

More than a year into the pandemic, many families who have been stuck at home are itching to go on a vacation. But don’t pack your bags quite yet, experts say.

Doctors: Schedule Your Vaccine As Soon As You’re Eligible

If you’re eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, doctors are urging you to make an appointment and get your shot. Doctors at University of Utah Health said the vaccination campaign is the best way to protect against another wave of the virus.