News Clips for March 16-18, 2019

'It's surreal': Utah medical students placed into residencies on Match Day

"The Final Countdown," by Europe, blasted through speakers while 115 University of Utah School of Medicine soon-to-be graduates located envelopes labeled with their name as they gathered Friday morning. Inside, it would be revealed where they'll complete their residency.

Solar PV Glass Market in Crystalline Silicon Module to Cross 5-Million-Metric Tons by 2024

Solar PV Glass Market in crystalline silicon module is driven by increasing R&D investments and high operational efficiencies.

Report: Graduates need mix of human, tech and business skills

The skills needed in the workplace are increasingly oriented around expertise many workers lack, explains a new report from Burning Glass and the Business-Higher Education Forum.

Inside the newsroom: In a big news week this just may be the most important story of them all

One of the most important stories of the week received only scant coverage (if any) by many media outlets as the world was rocked by another horrific shooting and Washington was embroiled in the vote against President Donald Trump's emergency declaration of a crisis at the border, which he eventually vetoed.

We Desperately Need Maternity Outerwear for Winter

An active outdoor lifestyle doesn’t end with pregnancy. It's time for gear manufacturers to tap into the growing market of high-performance maternity apparel.

Who's hiring the most tech workers in Salt Lake City? The answer may surprise you

When the conversation turns to the current stalwarts of tech in Utah, Qualtrics, Pluralsight, Adobe, Domo and a few others are sure to figure largely.

‘Middle-Class Joe’ rakes in millions

“Middle-Class Joe” Biden has a $2.7 million vacation home. He charges more than $100,000 per speaking gig and has inked a book deal likely worth seven figures.

Utah engineers find more efficient way to convert algae into fuel

A team of University of Utah engineers have found a more efficient way to convert algae into biodiesel, something that could change the landscape of alternative energy.

Artificial intelligence tools could benefit chemists with disabilities. So why aren’t they?

Automation scientists in academia and industry have created devices to make lab work more efficient, but they haven’t yet made accessibility for this small population a priority

Residents file lawsuit in battle against Tooele County development

In Utah's latest installment of residents vs. high-density growth, some in Tooele County have filed a lawsuit challenging the county's decision to reject a petition that would put a rezoning decision on the ballot.

With names like Ruth, Edith and Mabel, these Salt Lake City housing projects fit a trend toward urban living

A series of small housing projects have sprouted around Salt Lake City’s east side, with retro women’s names like Ruth, Mabel and Rose. You might call them “niche” homes, reflecting a generational shift in Utahns’ homebuying preferences.

Beau Dietl & Associates’ New Platform for Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Why HR Should Care

The new platform for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace will protect victims of crime, harassment or abuse from fear of retribution, while providing HR departments new due diligence resources and avenues for investigating claims.

Young Inventors From PCHS Make Strong Showing In State Contest

The University of Utah based program is designed to encourage students to think about their communities, explore big ideas and pursue creative solutions. The five teams from Park City will be part of an on-line challenge where people can rate their top three choices.

The rise of white nationalism is creeping onto Utah campuses. What you need to know

When he first saw the flyers taped near the entrance of the University of Utah art building, all Mohan Sudabattula could make out was the bright red, white and blue lettering.

Why You Need UV Protection in the Spring

After a long, cold winter, nothing feels better than the arrival of those first few warm, sunny spring days. Suddenly, everyone is stripped down to short sleeves—kids on the playground, people planting their gardens or exercising outdoors. But before you trade in your parka for a T-shirt, be sure to spring into sun protection mode. Here's why it really matters.

Why did people watch, share murder video streamed by New Zealand mass shooting terrorist?

Following the attacks in New Zealand, video footage of the shootings surfaced online and was shared over and over again.

Pioneer Theatre Company's LA CAGE AUX FOLLES in Concert Glistens

Pioneer Theatre Company has done it again with another thoroughly enjoyable concert production, and LA CAGE AUX FOLLES is just the type of show that this scripts-in-hand concert style is designed to showcase. It is a joy to experience less-often-performed works in this kind of atmosphere that is filled with raw energy that compensates for any minor rough edges.

'Beyond belief': How Utahns responded to the New Zealand mosque attacks

What began as a show of support became a learning opportunity Friday at Al Sahaba Mosque, as worshippers greeted well-wishers with an invitation to join their prayer service and receive free copies of the Quran.

Cosmetic changes not the answer

CYANIDE has suddenly become a buzzword in the past few days as the chemical pollution in Pasir Gudang dominated the news.

Fifth Arabic university debate championship kicks off

QatarDebate Centre, an initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), on Saturday launched the fifth International Universities Arabic Debating Championship, said to be the largest university debate competition. Six teams from Qatar are participating in the competition.