News Clips for March 12, 2021

Cone Snails Are Liars and Murderers

They lure their prey with the promise of sex and then kill them cold.

Moderna And Pfizer On Track To Hit Vaccine Production Goals

President Biden's promise that there will be enough vaccines for every U.S. adult by the end of May has some Americans wondering if it's too good to be true. Time will tell.

Erika George: Developing a more equitable society will help fight off future pandemics

Complexion complicates how different communities have experienced the burdens of COVID-19.

Mental health has been ‘a second pandemic’ during a year of COVID-19, Utah doctors say

Reports of substance abuse, anxiety and depression have increased in the last year, say doctors at Huntsman Mental Health Institute.

COVID-19 stimulus bill bringing billions to the state and Utahns

The state and Utahns are raking in billions of dollars following the approval of the American Rescue Plan, or more commonly known as the COVID-19 stimulus bill.

Tweaking clinic protocols improves autism screening rates

Pediatric clinics can boost their rates of autism screening and diagnostic referrals by way of sensitive tests, electronic notifications and secondary screens, according to a new study.