News Clips for March 11, 2021

Risks of wildfire smoke: Is it worse for your health than other pollution?

Researchers have known for some time about the dangers of different kinds of air pollution, but a new study published by researchers in California further highlights the medical concerns from poor air quality tied to wildfire smoke.

Seasonal Allergies Making You Miserable? Science Says It’s Because Of Climate Change

Itchy eyes. Runny nose. Foggy … everything. The weather is warming and that means it’s time to break out the antihistamines. But does it feel like allergy season starts earlier every year? A new study led by William Anderegg, an ecologist at the University of Utah, shows rising temperatures from climate change can cause pollen seasons to last longer and be more intense than they were just a few decades ago.

Mental health system strained, Utah experts report lasting impacts on youth and first responders

Now that Utah is working on a plan to open up vaccines to all adults, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But mental health doctors say the pandemic has already put a strain on the mental health system. Some organizations have reported mental health crisis calls have increased by 41% compared to this time last year, which is impacting first responders.

COVID-19 Relief Package Bringing Billions To Utah

Utah is set to get up to $8 billion from the newly passed COVID-19 relief package. The House of Representatives sent the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan to President Joe Biden Wednesday afternoon. The President’s office said he will sign the bill Friday.

Utah economists predict stimulus bill will provide 'big bounce' to state

Economists predict that the nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill passed Wednesday by Congress will provide Utah with a booming economy as the state has fared much better than most other states during the pandemic.