News Clips for March 11, 2020

Discovery points to origin of mysterious ultraviolet radiation

Lyman-alpha blobs (LABs) are gigantic clouds of hydrogen gas that produce a special type of ultraviolet light known as Lyman-alpha emission. An extremely powerful energy source must produce this radiation, but scientists debate what that energy source is. A study of Lyman-alpha blob 6 (LAB-6) is the first LAB with strong evidence of an infalling gas feature. The findings suggest that star-forming galaxies are likely the primary energy source of Lyman-alpha radiation emitted from LAB-6.


Decades ago, no one could control a prosthesis only by thought. There is lots of room for the field to grow still.

Utah Study Finds Lack of Info Hinders Access to Food Programs

A new study, conducted in 99 Utah communities, reveals how poor communication and/or a lack of information could be hindering efforts to connect some people in need with food stamps, food banks, soup kitchens, and other food resources.

Exclusive: Utah tech CEO tells 2News he welcomes an audit after privacy criticism

A Utah company is facing national scrutiny over its artificial intelligence that monitors live traffic cameras, dispatch logs and social media to help first responders.

Public, private employers preparing for switch to telecommuting in case COVID-19 escalates

Public and private entities across Utah are teeing up plans to allow employees, where tenable, to work remotely should COVID-19 issues evolve to the point that mandatory or voluntary quarantines become a necessity.

Poll: 1 in 4 Utahns impacted by drug costs

After contracting a virus as a baby, 14-year-old Kaden was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. “Just to keep our buddy alive, it’s pretty expensive. And it doesn’t need to be. It shouldn’t have to be this way,” said Laura Finch, Kaden’s mom.

Will Utah colleges shift to online instruction in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak?

At Salt Lake Community College, the COVID-19 outbreak is adding new dimensions to Claire Peterson’s role as an assistant professor of humanities. She’s prepared to shift to online instruction for the remainder of spring semester if it becomes necessary due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Six economic rules to help Utah during a pandemic

The onslaught of information about the coronavirus can do as much harm as good, particularly when it comes to the economy. In what some have called an “infodemic” Utahns like me are asking questions.

Utah spent $250K on a surveillance company instead of a lifesaving overdose drug

Last March, the Utah Department of Health asked for some of the thousands of dollars the state was funneling into a private surveillance company to pay for naloxone, a lifesaving drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.

A natural gas plant near Moab could help curb flaring on the Navajo Nation

When a natural gas processing plant in northwest New Mexico shut down in December, jets of flame appeared on a mesa above the Navajo Nation community of Montezuma Creek, Utah, cutting into the blue sky by day and burning through the night.