News Clips for March 1, 2019


Displacing Vibrations is a direct response to 45’s administration shrinking the boundaries of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monuments. “Less than a political statement, our aim is to raise awareness that these features exist, and that they deserve and need our assistance to ensure their long-term preservation,” says Moore. “These arches are like nothing else on earth, found in such density and variety nowhere else on earth—that is a resource worth protecting.”

Despite discouragement from some LDS Church leaders, hundreds of central Utah women worked in parachute factories during World War II

Annie Jensen had six sons and a son-in-law serving in the military: Four joined the Navy, two were in the Army and one served in the Marines. When she couldn’t find a flag to buy with enough stars to represent them all, she knitted her own and displayed it in her window.

States Move to Expand LGBTQ Protections

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle move to ban ‘conversion therapy’ for youths and expand LGBTQ protections at the state level.

Gas Credit Cards

What types of people should consider applying for a gas rewards credit card?

Top 20 teams announced in 2019 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

The Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, the state’s largest collegiate entrepreneur competition, announced the top 20 teams for 2019. Hundreds of students from colleges across the state entered the business-model competition. The teams are competing for over $100,000 in cash and prizes, including a $40,000 grand prize. The winners will be determined at a final judging and awards event on March 30.

How Much Does the Combine Reveal About Future NFL Players?

How well future pros sprint, jump and lift weights at the NFL Scouting Combine may tell us only a little bit about their career success.

UC Drops Elsevier

After months of negotiating over open-access fees and paywalls, the University of California System follows through on threat to cancel its journal subscription deal with Elsevier.

Competing bills will either save, or sacrifice, embattled Utah biotech development agency

After months of assessment, a pair of competing proposals now before Utah lawmakers are set to determine the fate of the Utah Science, Technology and Research initiative. One reads much like a gallow's call and the other a reprieve.