News Clips for June 9, 2020

Robert A. Goldberg: It is not an option to be a bystander in today’s America

A few years ago, the University of Utah Law Review published my article “The Bystander During the Holocaust.” This essay spoke of the millions of victims tortured, enslaved and murdered by the Nazi killing machine during World War II.

Delving Deeper Into Facebook's Murky Community Standards

Since addressing the issue of Facebook's "community standards" last month, this reporter has found that it isn't just military history that can somehow be in violation. Vintage advertisements, old comic books, antiques and even toys can all run afoul of Facebook's algorithms and because the social network tends to err on the side of caution anything even slightly controversial can be flagged.

Smokers are less likely to die from coronavirus, study says

The novel coronavirus affected millions of lives around the world in the past months.

Why Convicting Cops Is So Difficult

Minnesota prosecutors seeking to convict Derek Chauvin, a white, former police officer, of murder in the death of African American George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, face a daunting reality.

Utah’s Republican gubernatorial candidates hold first debate focused on rural issues

Utah’s four Republican candidates debated issues centered on the state’s residents who don’t live along the Wasatch Front for the first ever rural-focused gubernatorial debate Tuesday.