News Clips for June 9-11, 2018

Faecal transplants could help preserve vulnerable species

New gut bacteria can expand the diet of animals like koalas and rhinoceroses.

Why we can not scream as loud as other animals

Even the most blatant opera voice can not match the vocal power of many animals whose roaring, howling, whistling, and other vocalizations can be heard over very long distances.

Larry H. Miller family and the U. launch 'Wellness Bus' to fight diabetes in underserved populations

Nearly 145,000 adults in Utah suffer from diabetes, according to the Utah Department of Health. For businesswoman Gail Miller, matriarch of the well-known philanthropic Utah family, the ailment is deeply personal.

HEC to review vague plagiarism policy  | The Express Tribune

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to review its plagiarism policy, weeks after the practice of self-plagiarism showed up within its top management.

Consumers' choice could help save Hawaii's coral reefs

Families planning that dream trip to Hawaii this summer may want to reconsider the sunscreen they pack.

Yellowstone volcano: Geyser’s eighth eruption in three months concerns scientists

YELLOWSTONE volcano’s largest geyser has erupted for the eighth time in three months leaving scientists to worry and speculate over the cause of the explosion.

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