News Clips for June 6-8, 2020

Trying to better understand racism? Here’s what four black Utahns suggest you read.

James Jackson III was on vacation when Black Lives Matter protests began to sweep the nation last week. He was grateful that so many people reached out to him with uplifting messages and questions, but at the same time, he found it frustrating.

'Tremendous sincerity, what a guy': Trump mocks Mitt Romney for joining a Black Lives Matter march in DC

Trump mocked Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah for attending a peaceful demonstration in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday evening.

Researcher involved in retracted Lancet study has faculty appointment terminated, as details in scandal emerge

The University of Utah has “mutually agreed” to terminate the faculty appointment of Amit Patel, who was among the authors of two retracted papers on Covid-19 and who appears to have played a key role in involving a little-known company that has ignited a firestorm of controversy.

University of Utah Health patient info was breached through ‘phishing schemes’

The University of Utah Health fell victim to a phishing scheme in which an outside party accessed patient information such as birthdates and clinical information through employee emails, the organization announced Friday.

Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley suspended for racist language used in a text in 2013

Defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley has been suspended by the University of Utah for using racist language in a 2013 text message. Mark Harlan, director of athletics, made the announcement Friday.

Lauren McCluskey’s parents file 2nd lawsuit against University of Utah

In the weeks leading up to the death of University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, her friends noticed signs of abuse and reported it to student housing administrators.

Scientists funded by Zuckerberg sent him a letter calling Facebook’s practices ‘antithetical’ to his philanthropic mission

More than 140 scientists funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative urged Mark Zuckerberg to enforce stricter policies around the spread of misinformation and incitements to violence.

Hundreds come out in the rain to protest police brutality in Salt Lake City on Saturday

They stood and cheered as the rain soaked their protest signs, ink running down their arms. They lit and re-lit candles that the storm blew out.

Utah scientists detect Crab Nebula using innovative gamma-ray telescope

University of Utah astrophysicists have developed a new prototype telescope that detected gamma rays from the Crab Nebula and opens doors for future discoveries.

Crime and the Coronavirus

A new study finds that released criminals may be spreading the virus.

How scientists are using supercomputers to combat COVID-19

Alongside the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), IBM announced in March that it would help coordinate an effort to provide hundreds of petaflops of compute to scientists researching the coronavirus.

How protests helped thwart a 1939 attempt to segregate Salt Lake City

Protesters have gathered in many places around Utah and across the United States for more than a week now, calling for an end to police policies viewed as systematically racist and for justice in a relation to a handful of officer-involved deaths.

Sea Snail Venom and Human Insulin Hybrid, a Potential "Super Insulin"

Conus geographus is a species of venomous sea snail that lives on the seafloor, and stuns and paralyzes its prey by releasing venom plumes. This allows the predatory cone snail to reach its prey by slithering through the slime, and eat it while it is still alive.