News Clips for June 6, 2018

More than 30 years ago, all of Red Butte Canyon’s beavers were killed. Some Utah professors say now is the time to bring them back.

Back in 1982, Red Butte Canyon’s 78 beavers were killed under the pretext that the dam-building rodents were a vector for giardia, a dreaded parasite responsible for gastrointestinal stress around the world.

Common Antidepressants May Be Less Effective At Higher Elevation, Study Says

Our region ranks in the top ten for suicide . A new study from the University of Utah shows there may be a reason for that.

The 10 states offering America's highest-paying jobs

A WalletHub survey finds that, in these states, workers enjoy the country's highest median annual incomes.

Salt Lake County's next city? County approves zoning for Daybreak-like community near Herriman

Despite last-minute protests from mayors and residents from nearby cities, Salt Lake County on Tuesday green-lighted zoning for a massive new development near Herriman that could perhaps become the county's newest city.

13 Everyday Habits You Think Are Unhealthy but Aren’t

If you're feeling guilty for engaging in one or more of these common behaviors, don't. They're actually not bad at all—and some of them are even good for you!

Utah’s First Life Plan Community to be 'Lab' for Health System Relationship - Senior Housing News

When Summit Vista opens this fall, it will mark the arrival of Utah's first entrance-deposit life plan community—and illustrate the growing trend of

9 Times Ibuprofen Won’t Work—and Could Be Dangerous

Scientists are beginning to realize that ibuprofen may not be as benign as they thought. Here's when you should just say no.

Concerns of heat exhaustion, heat stroke following June heat wave

(KUTV) Monday was the hottest day of year so far, and with that comes concerns about heat safety.2News spoke with Mathew Fuller, an ER doctor with the University of Utah, to discuss how you can stay safe in the scorching sun and the difference between a h