News Clips for June 4, 2019

Man spotted in women's locker room at University of Utah arrested, police say

Police arrested a man who allegedly went into a women's locker room at the University of Utah several times. Also carried in Gephardt Daily, Fox13, ABC4. Benjamin Jason Johnson, 30, of Taylorsville, was arrested Friday for investigation of voyeurism.

He loaned his gun to Melvin S. Rowland, who used it to kill a University of Utah student. Now he’s pleaded guilty to a federal charge.

The owner of the gun that was used to kill a University of Utah student last fall — which the man had loaned to the murderer in exchange for $400 — has pleaded guilty to a federal charge.

Racial and gender biases plague postdoc hiring

Bradley Miller is more likely to be hired than José Rodriguez. Zhang Wei (David) is more competent than Jamal Banks. And both Miller and Zhang are more competent and hirable than Maria Rodriguez or Shanice Banks.

6 Salt Lake summer camps with options for everyone

Summer camp has evolved from the friendship bracelets and bug bites from your past. Salt Lake offers a veritable cornucopia of options for every interest. Choose from theater, robotics, outdoor activities or STEM-focused camps and keep your kids learning and exploring all summer long.

University of Utah Professor Accused of Bias for Assigning ‘Sexist’ Male Authors

According to a report by The College Fix, a professor at the University of Utah was reported by a student for his decision to assign male authors as part of the course curriculum. The student filed a bias incident report that argued that some of the authors held outdated and sexist beliefs.

When will Yellowstone erupt? Volcano hit by 87 earthquakes in just one MONTH

YELLOWSTONE National Park – built on the world’s biggest volcanic caldera - has been rocked by almost 90 earthquakes in the past month – and many believe it is a sign that the huge volcano could be about to erupt.

Cleveland Clinic Researcher Gets $3M NIH Grant to Study Impact of Exercise on Parkinson’s Disease

A Cleveland Clinic researcher is getting a $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the long-term impact of high-intensity aerobic exercise on Parkinson’s disease progression.