News Clips for June 28, 2019

Plant-eating crocodiles thrived in dinosaur times

New analysis of fossil teeth suggests that the dino-killing asteroid also wiped out the vegetarians of the crocodile family. Also in NY Times, NPR,, The Independent, Raw Story, Science News, ScienceDaily, Newser, The Economist, Bangkok Post, Vice, The Sun, New Scientist, BGR, Daily Mail, Firstpost, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC News, FMT News.

Freeze frame: Researchers solve how cells unfold proteins

A happy cell is a balanced cell, but for every stupendously twisted protein it creates, it must tear the old ones asunder. That means untangling a convoluted pretzel-like mass for recycling. Cdc48 plays a critical role in unraveling the spent proteins.

Parents of Murdered Student Sue U. of Utah for $56 Million, Claiming Gender Discrimination

The parents of a University of Utah student who was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend filed a lawsuit on Thursday claiming the university had been “deliberately indifferent” to the abuse their daughter had suffered, thereby violating Title IX, the federal gender-equity law.