News Clips for June 28, 2018

U. names new medical school dean to replace Vivian Lee

The University of Utah on Wednesday replaced Dr. Vivian Lee, former head of health sciences and dean of the medical school, who resigned amid controversy involving the Huntsman Cancer Institute last year.

Op-ed: Utah is ‘forging’ new pathways for baseload renewable power

Affordable, baseload, renewable power forged from the heat of the Earth could soon become the next game-changing technology to electrify economies across the world — and Utah is ground zero for this prime resource and new innovation.

Generation vexed: How anxiety stalks teens in Utah and across the nation

When Em’s history teacher assigned a research project, the Salt Lake sophomore, 15, felt her stomach lurch. Weeks before the due date, she’s already worried about what could go wrong. Like any assignment, she’ll sketch it out repeatedly to see how it fits. But the hours researching, distilling, then mapping it will not bolster her for the class presentation, where she’s supposed to briefly explain the poster.

Analysis | I took AAA’s distracted driving road test. It wasn’t pretty.

A road test shows how tricky it is to drive while programming a route using hands-free navigation technology.

SLC Police officers took to the playgrounds of 13 schools to focus on youth development

Helping children understand the role of a law enforcement officer while instilling positive life skills took place Wednesday at Backman Elementary.

What is cartilage restoration, the procedure Dustin Pedroia and Steven Wright had?

There are various options for cartilage restoration. The extent of the damage is a factor in the option used.

The University of Utah named a new health sciences leader to replace Vivian Lee, the controversial School of Medicine dean who resigned last year

More than a year after University of Utah Health Care CEO Vivian Lee resigned from her post amid sharp backlash for firing the leader of the Huntsman Cancer Institute and exposing a contentious reporting relationship between the two organizations, the state university has appointed her replacement.